Bitcoin Dice Game

There are a variety of Bitcoin dice games you can play online via casino sites. Since this game is popular, many online casino sites are including it in their systems. However, this makes it challenging for punters to identify the best Bitcoin dice casino sites to give them an exciting experience. In this regard, we recommend the top casino sites below and take you through the best Bitcoin dice gaming strategies.

Bitcoin Dice Sites


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Bitcoin Dice guide

Are you looking for the bitcoin dice sites? Are you looking for a game that’s fair and purely based on chance? Then, try your hands on bitcoin dice games!

There are six possible outcomes of the dice roll. All you do is predict the number, type of number, or group of numbers you’ll roll and place your wager. It’s that simplicity that makes gambling with dice, whether real or virtual, an exceedingly popular game.

Bitcoin dice, thus, became the first game players could wager on using bitcoin or other cryptos. Today, with an increasing number of online casinos and sites accepting bitcoin gambling, rolling dice has become a staple of the gambling houses. So, there’s unlimited access as to where you can play bitcoin dice.

The history behind Bitcoin Dice

You can’t talk of Bitcoin Gambling, let alone Bitcoin Dice, without mentioning the infamous Satoshi Dice – the pioneer of all the BTC dice games and platforms.

In 2012, when the world first learned of Satoshi Dice, everyone was dumbfounded. They had never seen anything like it before.

It came at a time when an online gambler was susceptible to online casino fraud. Rogue casinos were quite a number. They would take deposits but never reflect them in the account. Not honor winning payments was their second nature, and unfair games were a norm. In addition, identity theft was rampant as internet gambling was a legal grey area in most countries to compound the problem. So, the anonymous nature of the internet meant aggrieved players had no recourse.

It had a lot to desire; the graphics and cleverly refined user interface. However, its most outstanding feature was the provably fair system – an option to verify the previous roll. That appealed to many fans making it record more than half of all the global bitcoin transactions.

This transparency feature drove players to online crypto gambling. Also, it influenced game providers to develop more dice and cryptocurrency casino games that exhibited provably fair game features.

Bitcoin dice remains the number one BTC game today because of its simple implementation. It’s a direct implementation of online gambling.

Today, a new dice game surfaces every month, which has made the industry crowded. Unfortunately, most of the variants are imitations of others. But lucky you who play bitcoin dice games. We list some of the best bitcoin dice sites with the best bitcoin dice games on this page.

How to play Bitcoin Dice?

Playing Bitcoin dice isn’t complicated – it is straightforward to learn.

Have you ever rolled dice before? Well, playing dice with Bitcoin is pretty much the same. It’s all about the number you land! Then, you throw, wait for it to settle, and see if you get lucky.

But to make it more exciting, the bitcoin dice game extends the numbers up to 100. So, you have more options. And since it’s running on software, you have both manual and auto-roll features.

In auto-roll, pick the pivot number, set your bet amount per single roll, and there it is; hold your breath in excitement.

The game concept is straightforward, and it’s the same across all platforms.

Choose any number between 1 and 100. Then, go ahead and place a bet on whether a dice roll will get over or under that pick.

Bitcoin gambling has never been this simple! What game has such a straight premise?

Most sportsbooks that accept bitcoins and bitcoin dice casinos offer a 1% house edge for the dice game.

So, without a doubt, the game is the purest crypto casino game available. There are no blabbering or hidden rules – easy to follow straightforward rules as everything is black and white.

With a predetermined number at hand, punters predict whether they’ll land a higher or lower number on a dice roll. However, it’s not just the simplicity that makes it famous but also that you set your own odds. Doing so allows you to alter the risk and possible reward. In other words, you can decide the level of the house edge.

The higher the house edge, the greater the reward; the lower it is, the less the possible reward. But it’s exciting that you tailor your own gambling experience and can regularly win, albeit in smaller amounts.

In addition, since the bitcoin dice game runs on blockchain technology, there’s no way the casino or betting platform can cheat. Therefore, you can use cryptography to determine the result is truly random and fair. Simply put, the game is provably fair.

Dice gambling strategies

In his famous hit, “Gambler,” the late American singer Kenneth Ray says you got to know when to hold, when to fold, when to walk away, and know when to run.

He described a gambling strategy in one of the casino games, perhaps poker, or maybe blackjack. But we need it in everything, whether it’s a game, war, or business.

A strategy is a game plan to produce profits by mitigating losses under conditions of uncertainty. It focuses on changing your fortunes.

In gambling, it may sound impossible for pure games of chance with fixed odds. But that’s not the case for bitcoin dice. In this game, there is a lot you can do to alter the house edge to your favor.

Bitcoin dice strategies are all about staking and managing your bankroll. Take a look:

Martingale strategy:

The whole idea of the Martingale Strategy has been around since the 18th century. It’s a betting system that you double your bet amount when on a losing streak so that in case you win the subsequent bet, you recover the incurred losses.

Take, for example, you place a 5m฿ bet that you’ll roll over 50. Instead, you roll under 50. Consequently, you lose the bet.

Next, you place the same bet, but this time double your stake to 10m฿.

If you lose again, you double the last stake and repeat the bet. So, your third bet amount is 20m฿.

You keep playing in this pattern until you correctly predict a dice roll. And when you do, you go back to your original 5m฿ stake.

But you might ask, isn’t that chasing your losses?

It seems more like it, but it isn’t! Remember, though, you have it on a plan that you’ll double your bet whenever you lose. So while you can incur significant losses on a losing streak, repeating the same wager with an even more substantial stake helps you recoup your money.

Gamblers shouldn’t chase losses because a prolonged stretch of losing bets may cause frustrations and anxiety, impairing your judgment to make sound decisions. But in the Martingale system, you have it on a plan that you’ll double your bet whenever you lose. Therefore, it’s a rational decision as the outcome of the bet does not influence it.

D’Alembert strategy

Risk-averse gamblers find the Martingale system a little high risk, so they settle for the D’Alembert system. Still, here you increase your bet amount whenever you lose, but not to the same degree as the latter system.

The D’Alembert system is exceptionally straightforward. You increase your bet amount by 1x after each consecutive roll when you lose and decrease by 1x when you win.

So, suppose you place a 5m฿ bet that you’ll roll over 50. But, instead, you roll under 50. So, next, you put the same wager, but this time increase your stake by a unit to 6m฿.

If you lose again, you repeat the bet, but your third try is a unit higher than the second. So, your third stake is 7m฿.

As in Martingale, you keep playing in this pattern until you correctly predict a dice roll.

Another difference with Martingale comes in when you win. Instead of restoring the bet to the original amount of 5m฿ stake, in the D’Alembert system, you deduct a unit from your previous stake and roll again. So, your fourth wager amount would be 6m฿.

The dice strategy is less risky, so the reward is equally tiny. So, yes, you recover your losses, but not as quickly as you would in Martingale.

Reverse Martingale strategy:

Reverse Martingale’s strategy is the exact opposite of the original Martingale. So, you use Martingale, but on the reverse.

Instead of doubling your bet when you lose and decreasing your wagers when you win, you double when you win and halve your stake in the subsequent stake when you lose. That’s it, the inverse Martingale.

The approach maximizes the winning streak profits by allowing you to stake half of the wins from successful rolls. Also, you keep half of the winnings even if you lose the staked 50%.

The Break-Even Martingale strategy

The break-even Martingale Bitcoin approach has only a slight modification on the standard Martingale. It staggers the rate at which you increase your stake.

So, like our example, if you lose a 10m฿ bet on rollover 50, you place the same bet instead of doubling the stake. However, if the second bet loses, you now activate the Martingale bet strategy.

In the process, you might not lose as much as you would if you directly jumped in with a Martingale formula.

Paroli strategy

The parole strategy is very similar to the reverse Martingale system as they are both designed to exploit winning streaks.

First, you decide on the original stake, then place a bet.

Then, you double that stake after every win unless you encounter a loss or get three consecutive wins, for which you restore to the base bet.

Get this right; you stop raising your stake after three consecutive wins. You can walk away after those wins or start over again!

This progressive strategy is all about capitalizing on winning streaks while minimizing losses.

Which strategy is best to use?

Most of these strategies revolve around Martingale. So it would be easy to identify it as the best option. Still, like all others, it fails sometimes.

The strategies fail because bet dice, like any other casino game, is purely a game of chance, and there’s no sure way of predicting an outcome. Furthermore, to successfully execute these strategies, you need limitless funds to pursue losses and recover. That’s not tenable.

While these systems can help you take advantage of winning streaks and minimize losses, they don’t guarantee you’ll win for two reasons.

First, you have a limited bankroll. Secondly, dice tables have upper limits. So, either you’ll run out of funds, or the table limit stops your double stake.

It is an unwritten rule of gambling: the house always wins. So, the best strategy would be to have fun. But where is the fun in losing? Thus, these strategies help you play systematically. They are your game plan. Then, if you have good luck, you can take home some win or the jackpot.

Where to play BTC Dice games

For starters, you need an online casino site, perhaps a sportsbook, that accepts bitcoin. But in most cases, there are bitcoin dice sites strictly offering provably fair games. Some only need you to pick one of two options: HI or LO.

Maybe you don’t have time to evaluate these bitcoin dice starts rigorously, or you don’t know the required standards. We have done the legwork for you. We take a precise approach when reviewing dice sites.

Steps we follow to review Dice casinos

We scrutinize various factors for any site listed on our page to ensure you get the best dice experience once you start playing.

To choose the best Bitcoin Dice site, use our approach – check to see if a site provides the following criteria:


For any crypto dice game, you want to be on the right side of the law. So, ensure the casino legally complies with all the requirements. It has a license, and on your side, your jurisdiction allows you to play. It would be best if you were of the legal gambling age.

Crypto dice game variety

Don’t buy into playing a single crypto dice game over and over. With plenty of bitcoin dice games, you want a site that gives you options. Our best crypto dice sites provide you with access to various games and alternatives to crypto dice. So, apart from the dice game, you can also play crypto poker and online casino games like slots and wager on sports on the side. They are gaming houses with an assortment of entertainment options.

Provably fair games

While there’s no doubt bitcoin dice is provably fair, the other games too probably should follow suit. Of course, you want games that run on a blockchain like those by Satoshi Gaming Group to allow you to verify that the odds aren’t stacked and they are truly fair.

Bonuses and VIP programs

With more crypto dice sites popping up each day, players have no shortage of places to play. So let a site convince you by its bonuses and VIP programs. The best bitcoin dice sites offer fantastic bonuses, from reload and deposit bonuses to periodic weekly cashback and even special rewards.

In crypto dice, sort the bitcoin faucet feature. The faucet deals you free bitcoins that you can play with for free to win real money.

A site that has free play mode will help you to make a judgment before committing. Only commit if you like the experience.


You not only want a site that protects user data and funds, but it should also guarantee you that you’ll get your winnings.

Payout and withdrawal speed

Anything that goes with digital currency has to embrace speed, and so should any bitcoin or crypto dice. Quick transaction speeds are paramount. Choose our highly rated sites with a proven track record on payout speeds.

Costs and limits of transactions, too, are factors. Check transaction fees, if any.

Reputation and Trust

Everything that happens in a virtual environment relies on trust. But to trust a site with your funds, you have to determine if it’s trustworthy. The best way to do so is to listen to what players before you are saying. Check out various review sites or visit expert review pages like this, which dig into the gambling industry to find the best of the best.

Generally, the best dice site provides crypto dice with simple rules on a minimalist graphics interface with fast gameplay. In addition, fast payouts and excellent customer service further help you enjoy the environment.

Pros and cons of Bitcoin Dice

Bitcoin dice remains the most straightforward online game that you can easily earn free bitcoins. Still, some gamblers find the crypto dice game a bit complex to follow. Well, it’s because they register little wins over losses. But if you use the right strategies, the crypto dice is the best game online.


Here are some reasons why players choose the Bitcoin Dice game:

  • A clear-cut game concept that even a newbie can get their hand on almost immediately.
  • Sometimes as low as 1%, a relatively low house edge is lower than traditional dice games or fiat platforms. Plus, you can adjust the parameters to your advantage to create an even playground.
  • Anonymity – The game runs on distributed ledger technology, so no need to submit your bank details. No KYC
  • Superfast transactions – cryptos transactions don’t need third parties to process, so they are faster than traditional fiat.
  • Provably fair options – The integration of provably fair into dice games makes it impossible for the casino or dice site to manipulate the game’s outcome.
  • No restrictive budget – Most bitcoin dice websites do not set lower and upper limit stakes for dice games.
  • Set your own betting parameters – Using the essential tools, you can adjust the game’s parameters to suit your preferences, giving you a better opportunity to enhance your winning chances or minimize losses.


Crypto dice are reasonably plain and not as interactive as other crypto casino games like slots.

Besides, you can get bored with the dull dice interface if you are used to the more captivating graphics and audio systems of games like slots. But can you blame the game developers? The game hardly generally is not in the league of Slots, Baccarat, or Poker, which have intuitive interfaces and are highly interactive.

Variety of crypto Dice games

Every crypto dice website offers its Bitcoin Dice games for players to enjoy. But still, most bitcoin dice games are standardized, and they are virtually the same across most online casinos.

But top bitcoin dice games include Craps, Sic Bo, and Dice scratch cards. Let’s briefly look at them.

Bitcoin craps

Craps is a classic dice game. When playing it, your wager is on the outcome of the roll or multiple rolls of dice. What makes it unique, intriguing, and complex at the same time is its variety of potential bets. But the game is pretty simple.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is an Asian game. Unlike craps, it employs three dice but is a more straightforward and fast-paced Bitcoin dice game.

You bet on the number combinations that the dice spins up, making the game a more natural dice game than other dice variants.

You can place different bets here, with the most obvious as the Total Bet, which is on the value of the three dices. Also, you could play Low or Big High bets, where 4 and 10 are low and 11 and 17 are highs.

Scratch Dice

Scratch Dice combines the features of a lottery scratch-off ticket and a dice game. So, in essence, it’s an instant lottery game.

You get tickets with a covered area, and you need to scratch to know the outcome. But hit scratch or reveal, whatever the term the dice site uses, it spins three dice. In the end, the combination of the faces of these dice is the result of the scratch card.

The amount depends on the outcome and the prize pay according to the game paytable.

All crypto dice games have two standard parameters – dice and cryptos. They are also relatively simple, and it’s quick to learn. However, the game you choose depends on your needs and experience. You can try all the dice games you like to decide your favorite.


Bitcoin dice is a game of chance you win by correctly predicting whether the dice roll outcome is above or below a predetermined number between 1 and 100.

No! Bitcoin dice is a game of chance, and your chance to win is ultimately based on luck, as you can never predict the outcome. However, you can use different strategies to enhance your chances of winning or decrease your chances of losing.

Yes! These games are entirely legit and real. However, check your local laws to know whether it’s legal to gamble with cryptos.

There’s no single standout strategy that we can name as they all focus on capitalizing on winning streaks or cutting losses on losing streaks.