Best online casinos accepting Litecoin (LTC) 2023

The cryptocurrency industry is one of the fastest-growing, and this is not by mistake. There are now many platforms that try to integrate the fantastic features of these digital currencies. One of the most exciting coins is Litecoin, and we have seen a spike in the online gambling platforms beginning to accept it as a payment method. 

Our gambling experts from Playcryptocasinos work tirelessly around the clock to provide our readers with unbiased reviews of the newest Litecoin gambling platforms. Furthermore, we carefully examine the crucial sections of these online casinos, providing you only with the best Litecoin casinos in the industry.

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Are Litecoin casinos safe?

You may have already heard of Litecoin casinos one way or another. However, just like any other innovation, you probably have reservations about using Litecoin payments. But don’t worry, this is entirely normal. 

That’s why we will provide you with a detailed answer about that on our platform, showing you why almost every Litecoin casino you come across can be the best gambling platform you have ever tried. But how can this be possible? 

We will cover everything in detail, but you should know that these innovative casinos are entirely safe. Moreover, most of these platforms are licensed by some of the most rigorous casino regulators in the gambling industry, clearly showing their competence and reliability. 

And when we consider the advanced security they provide because of the unique blockchain network’s nature, we can quickly see how the best Litecoin casinos are among the safest options you can choose if you want to enjoy some gambling online.

Pros and cons of using LTC for gambling

The beginning of your gambling adventure in a Litecoin casino is an important decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. However, before you can do that, you have to consider all the different factors and decide if Litecoin casinos offer the features and perks you are the fondest of. 

Of course, not all online casinos that accept Litecoin will provide the same level of service, but we can pretty much present what are the pros and cons of every top LTC online casino you join. So let’s dive straight into it.


  • Minutes of Processing Time for All Transactions
  • Full Anonymity in the Top Litecoin Casinos
  • Advanced Security
  • Extremely Low Withdrawal Fees
  • Industry-Leading Platform Design
  • Great Investment Opportunity


  • You Need a Litecoin Wallet
  • Crypto is Still Not that Established

Online casino games you can play using LTC coins

You should already know that most online casinos provide a vast array of gambling and live dealer games. So the question that will be in most players’ minds is if the Litecoin gambling platforms will provide a gaming selection that can rival the ones from the best traditional casino sites. 

And that’s a fair question to ask, considering most Litecoin casinos have been created just recently. Developing an extensive selection of casino games is far from easy, but that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy top-notch quality when you play in a Litecoin casino. 

It might come as a surprise for many, but these platforms actually provide some of the best gaming selections in the online casino industry, despite being so new. That’s possible because almost every site that accepts Litecoin is already either an established gambling platform or a future best Litecoin casino in the making. 

As establishments like these, the LTC platforms are working with some of the best software providers that the world of online gambling has to offer. 

This automatically means that no matter which one of the Litecoin casinos on our site you choose, you can enjoy high-quality casino games. 

On top of that, you can often come across a variety of exclusive Litecoin games and even free casino games where you can try out some of your experimental gaming strategies. But to grasp the quality of the gaming selection in the top Litecoin casinos, we will present a few types of live dealer games you can enjoy there. 


No matter what type of player you are, you will always first check out the slot selection before you engage in playing casino games of other varieties. After all, slot games are among the most thrilling types of online casino gaming headlines you can choose to play. And among all, these are the games that can provide you with very significant additions to your bank account if you are lucky. 

But as we mentioned, the best LTC casinos offer players the most exciting casino games in the industry, especially in the slot section. As these sites partner with software developers like Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, and more, this is not surprising. 


Like slots and Litecoin lottery, roulette is one of the most exciting games you can enjoy when you start playing casino games. The dynamic nature of the roulette and the numerous winning opportunities guarantee a fantastic experience, which is why it’s a tremendous benefit that this game can be played in all the different Litecoin casinos. 

But you should understand that you won’t simply be playing the traditional roulette game on these online gambling platforms, at least if you don’t want to. The takeaway from these platforms is that they provide players with very extensive roulette gaming selections. 

In other words, you can dive deep into almost any Litecoin casino and enjoy tens of different versions of the game. What makes all that even more exciting is that you can even find exclusive Litecoin roulette games in some of these innovative casinos. In addition, there are also numerous roulette live casino games if you want to enrich your gambling experience even more. 


Video poker is not the most popular casino game in the industry, but many players still like to enjoy the quick-paced game that taps a bit into the exciting world of online poker. But instead of using fiat currency, you will be making only Litecoin transactions. This doesn’t make any difference, but after you dive into the video poker selection of these gambling sites, you can quickly change your opinion. 

It seems that great diversity is well integrated into almost all Litecoin casinos. That’s especially evident when you come across tens of different video poker versions, which is a rarity even among the most significant traditional gambling platforms. 

With that in mind, if you are a passionate fan of this game, you will indeed feel at home, enjoying all the different versions of Litecoin poker. 


It’s good to know that in the different Litecoin casino platforms, you can also dive into online casino games where you won’t only rely on luck. This is where the rich game of blackjack comes into the equation. Playing Litecoin blackjack is very exciting as you will get into a heated battle against the casino’s dealer. 

The best thing about the blackjack games you can find in a Litecoin casino is that almost all of them have a low house edge, meaning that you can exploit these games and register profits easier. But to increase your chances of that, you might want to look a bit more into some blackjack strategies like counting cards and others. 

And the best thing about playing blackjack in these casinos is that you will have many versions of the game you can choose from, which will also increase your chances as you will play only the games where you feel most comfortable.  


Dice is an exciting game of luck that can bring you significant profits and a thrilling gaming experience. Unfortunately, many players don’t understand how to play this game, but it’s elementary. The main goal is to roll the same number twice before the number seven rolls. 

This may not sound like too much, but once you get going and you try some of the dice games in a Litecoin casino, it can quickly become one of your favorite casino options. Along with the RNG dice headlines that the Litecoin gambling platforms offer, there will be quite a few live dealer versions of the game, where you can fully dive into a real-life gaming experience. 


Plinko is not a name you will come across when it generally comes to your favorite online casino games. But this may change in the future. If you like pinball, you will definitely become a fan of the so-called plinko game that most LTC live casinos offer. This casino game actually provides an opportunity that you may not get anywhere else besides in Litecoin casinos. 

The concept of plinko is very straightforward. On the bottom of a pinball-like machine, there will be three sets of multipliers with various values. When you start the game, choose which set you want to play, and a ball will fall into one of the specific multipliers, showing off your result. 

Some of these multipliers provide enormous profit opportunities where you can get your initial bet up to 50-100x. However, with these opportunities comes higher risk. In these particular multipliers, there will be many that will return only ⅓ of your initial bet or even less. 

But there are also ones with lower risk, where you can frequently double your stake while losing only 20-30% of your bet, in case the ball lands on the worst particular multipliers. Looking at it from this perspective, there aren’t many games in the casino industry that offer such great chances for winning. 


Once you begin playing crash, it will quickly become one of your favorite games in a Litecoin casino. The game attracts numerous players because it’s very straightforward, yet it provides enormous winning opportunities. So how will you react if we tell you that you can potentially 1000x your initial bet? 

This is possible with crash, and we can’t get over the fact that most casinos don’t even offer this game. Well, that’s not something you will have to worry about when enjoying gambling in an LTC wild casino. The rules of crash are simple. Before the game, you select the multiplier where you want to cash out, and you wait for the game to proceed. 

Everything is entirely automatic, and you will see how the multiplier gets bigger and bigger before the game crashes. If it reaches the value you had selected, you cash out. If not, you lose. It’s as fun and straightforward as that.

Litecoin casino bonuses

Engaging in gambling with the extensive selection of games that a Litecoin casino provides is excellent, but this is far from the only opportunity that a platform like this can offer you. Bonus offers lead the online casino gaming industry, and when it comes to these, the Litecoin casinos definitely got your back. 

You can exploit many different offers after creating your new online casino account on a platform that accept Litecoin. But before you can do that, you will first have to learn more about the different types of deposit bonus offers you will come across in an online casino. 

Welcome bonuses

The welcome bonus offers are among the most generous Litecoin casino bonuses you can ever claim. These promotions come at you quickly, and you can take full advantage of them across your first several casino deposits. Of course, the top casinos in the industry will always offer the most significant joining bonus packages, often doubling your funds after every deposit you make. 

That way, you can enjoy the best Litecoin casino offers and games to the fullest without worrying about the size of your bankroll. You only have to keep an eye on the wagering requirements of this bonus, but as long as you play dynamic games like online slots, you will be fine. 

No deposit bonuses

The no deposit bonuses are one of the best promotions you can claim because they don’t require you to make any Litecoin deposits, and you can still enjoy the online casino offers. 

These offers in the different LTC online casinos will usually provide you with a tiny amount you can use to test the interface and games of a particular platform. And the best thing is that if you win a specific amount, most of the time, you can withdraw it immediately, without any restrictions. 

Free spins

Free spins are an exciting bonus offer that players can exploit in the Litecoin casinos. These bonuses are usually paired as part of the joining promotions, but they can also be found separately, without requiring deposits and withdrawals. 

The concept of these offers is straightforward. Casino players fund their casino account to play casino games and receive a deposit bonus in the way of free spins. Of course, the number of these free spins depends on the type of LTC online casino you will use. 

Also, you should note that sometimes they will be connected with wagering requirements, where you will have to bet your winnings before you can withdraw them.


Suppose you are a player who is using a lot of online casinos. In that case, you might already need to transition into the Litecoin casinos and finally get the best out of your gaming experience. The truth is that nowadays, most online gambling sites are far from the highest standards of most players. However, this is not relevant when it comes down to online casino sites that accept Litecoin. 

These platforms may require Litecoin wallet and Litecoin transactions, which are not familiar to many individuals like the traditional payment methods. 

However, after carefully examining the different online casinos that accept Litecoin, we concluded that they could offer a much more comprehensive array of quality opportunities compared to almost every conventional cafe casino. 

And the only thing you will have to do is get past the unknown barrier, get a few Litecoin wallets for your Litecoin deposits, and finally enjoy a seamless gaming experience full of thrilling emotions. 

Alternatives to LTC casinos

You should already know that a casino that accepts Litecoin deposits is not the only alternative if you want to gamble online in a wild casino. You can use many cryptos for online transactions and gambling, each with its perks. That’s why we have to present to you some of the licensed casinos that use various cryptocurrencies. 

More popular alternatives

Bitcoin casinos

Even the best Litecoin casinos can hardly prove a better option than Bitcoin gambling platforms. Bitcoin is the first created cryptocurrency, and numerous people strongly believe we will indeed use only this payment method for our daily transactions in the future. 

Considering the blockchain network of Bitcoin and the security it provides, this looks like a possible scenario. And with the traction that all Bitcoin casinos are getting, they will be around to live up to the hype, just like the newest Litecoin casinos. 

Etherium casinos

Ethereum casinos are another one of the safest alternatives for crypto gamblers. These platforms are operating with the second most popular cryptocurrency globally, which clearly shows the direction they will be going in the future. In the last few years, Ethereum has turned into one of the safest stores of value for many people, just like gold has proven to be.

Dogecoin casinos

Indeed, complete safety is not something most crypto enthusiasts are after, especially those connected to online casinos and gambling. One of the casino platforms that doesn’t use fiat currency is the Dogecoin casinos

We definitely can’t add these platforms among the best, but if we look at the Dogecoin in the last few years, it has been one of the digital coins with the most significant and continuous growth, which is always what matters the most in the end of the day.  

Bitcoin Cash casinos 

As long as Bitcoin is well and around, all Bitcoin Cash casinos will also continue to provide their users with the bridge between crypto features and thrilling online gambling. 

Casino deposits with Bitcoin Cash are among the safest in the industry, so many players prefer to use these platforms, among many others. 

Ripple casinos

At the moment, one of the most significant issues for the crypto networks is the slight delay for some transactions. But when it comes to the Ripple casinos, this is not an issue at all. 

That’s because digital coin uses a unique proof of stake system, which allows all transactions on the network to be processed almost instantly. 

This is also relevant for all deposits and withdrawals in these casinos, making them a preferred option for many gamblers. 

Less popular alternatives 

Some of the crypto casinos we mentioned above may be costly for some players, considering their high prices and market caps. But the world of crypto is almost indefinite, so there are more online casinos that you can choose to use. There are many wild casino options you can get into, so we will list some of the best below: 


Litecoin online casino is every online casino platform that accepts Litecoin as a payment method.

LTC casino crypto payments use Litecoin deposits with unique crypto wallets. Once a player makes any deposits and withdrawals, the network of the coin automatically spots the payments, while the other users approve the payment automatically in only a few minutes.

Yes. All of the Litecoin online casinos we present are licensed by some of the best casino gaming regulators in the industry. 

Litecoin online casinos are widely popular among many players because of the stable digital coin price and unique network economy. Litecoin remains one of the best cryptocurrencies around, attracting more and more players to those online casino platforms.