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The love for slot machines in casino games is increasing among players. This is because the game is fun, easy to play, and some come with jackpot prices. With cryptocurrencies becoming part of casinos’ payment options, finding suitable crypto slots can be an uphill climb. On this page, we take you through different types of crypto slots and how they work to get you started.

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Bitcoin slots guide 2022

There’s no doubt that slot machine is the most popular game in the casino, whether online or at the conventional casino. You find rows of these machine games at a live casino with packets of people trying their luck. On the internet, too, online slots have a commanding lead. The slot machine is not only an attractive game, but it’s equally easy to play, and some of them have life-changing jackpot prizes.

On the other hand, Bitcoin is the number one peer-to-peer digital currency. As a result, internet casinos have embraced it as a payment solution. Today, many casino game lobbies are packed full of the latest BTC slots.

You might have many questions: how do BTC slot games differ from the typical internet slots, and how does paying with bitcoin differ from using the traditional currencies like the dollar? Perhaps you’d also like to know how the BTC payment system works and how it helps online casinos deliver quality service.

Understanding crypto and online bitcoin slots

In the old days, casino slot machines were a fascinating feat of engineering. The machine started as a fruit machine, often known as the one-arm bandit at the brick and mortar casinos. With time, buttons, and afterwards, touch screens replaced that arm. But today, you can play slots with bitcoin on a mobile phone. Its game mechanic is all software, featuring three or five reels, and include unique themes and immersive bonus rounds.

For Bitcoin, when it first appeared in 2009, the world thought it was just digital money. But it was more than that. The distributed ledger technology that bitcoin runs on has solved many problems facing industries, including the online gambling industry. So, bitcoin casinos are not just about paying for games with bitcoins but playing games based on blockchain technology.

Many online Bitcoin casinos offer hundreds of slot games you play with bitcoins and can win huge prizes.

How do bitcoin casinos work?

Online casinos that allow punters to play bitcoin slots continue to flourish over the recent years for many reasons, not just for the first deposit bonus. But most of the reasons are tied to Bitcoin. To understand how these games work, first, you need to understand the digital currency mechanics. Here’s an overview of everything you need to know using this cryptocurrency.

Bitcoins don’t need a bank to facilitate transactions. All you need is a unique address, often referred to as the wallet. Then, you can quickly send funds from your wallet to another for free. These transactions are near-instantaneous, which is one of the most significant benefits of cryptocurrencies.

Casinos have to charge a small fee when facilitating government-backed currency deposits. Yes, when you use traditional methods like bank transfer, debit or credit cards, or e-wallets, the casino incurs costs that it transfers to you in the form of transaction fees. And in cases where a casino caters for these fees, it makes up for them through reduced bonuses and discounts. Since Bitcoin eliminates the third party cost by encouraging peer-to-peer transactions, bitcoin slots have better payouts.

To add, online casinos that exclusively accept Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash allow players to hide their identities. You anonymously play bitcoin slots for real money. These casinos don’t need your personal information. All you do is fund your account and play. If you win, you withdraw the funds to your BTC wallet. Since the casino did not ask for your information, you remain anonymous. Still, many casinos require you to verify your identity, especially when withdrawing money. These are hybrid bitcoin casinos.

Another thing, purely blockchain-based casinos provide provably fair games. So, what are these casino games?

The short answer is they are games that allow you to prove that your casino operator didn’t cheat. A truly programmed blockchain platform leaves no possibility for cheating because of the technology’s underlying transparency. In the cases of casino games, the casino provides verification tools for all game result draws. So, when playing slots, you have server strings, which, when mixed with your device seed, proves the fairness of each round outcome.

Advantages of bitcoin slot machines

  1. Anonymity – It’s possible to play anonymously. So, it protects your sensitive information.
  2. Low fees, better bonuses – No third-party costs make casinos deliver higher incentives for casino bonuses and rewards.
  3. Superfast transactions – Bitcoin transactions are nearly instantaneous, so goodbye to the long wait of waiting for funds to reflect.
  4. Provably fair games– Some of the games are provably fair.

Different types of cryptocurrency slots

Do you have a specific online slot game in mind to play with bitcoins or keen on knowing the available options? If it’s your first time considering playing slot games, there are lots of options for you. As stated earlier, there are stacks of different variants, but they all have straightforward gameplay, free spins, and payouts. They, however, differ on the quality of their bonuses, visuals, and amounts they pay.

You only get the best out of your game if you pick the one whose features, promotions and themes suit your style of play and bankroll management strategies. That’s why understanding the different types of online slots gives you a choice. You can quickly identify the one that suits your preference, needs, and bankroll. Here are major types of online slots:

1. Three-reel slots

Classic online slots are the simplest type of online slot, typical of the original version one-armed bandit. The classic bitcoin slot games mimic them. Their quick play and easy to learn mechanics make them ideal for new entrants. With three reels, it’s easier to match the three symbols on a payline. But that’s also their drawback.

The low number of reels means there are few combinations. As a high variance slot, means you can quickly win big or lose everything. Nevertheless, these online versions have better payouts as they rely on random number generators (RNG).

2. Five-reel slots

Today, the five-reel slots are the most common at online casinos. Playing bitcoin slots with five reels or three reels has a very minimal difference. The only distinguishing factor here is the number of spinning reels. In addition, both bitcoin slot machines have attractive graphic representation, from sounds to videos, to entice players to jump into the game.

The five reels mean they have more paylines, which enhances your chances of landing matching symbols and winning money. With multipliers and bonus games, you have better playtime and significantly increased payouts.

3. Six- and seven-reel slots

With six or seven-reel online slot machines, you have an enhanced chance of creating longer winning combinations.

In addition, features such as re-spins, wild symbol stacks, and many others are all over to build a thrilling player experience when playing these slot machines.

4. Progressive jackpot slots

Before we discuss progressive jackpot slots, note that every slot machine has a jackpot payout. Their maximum payouts, however, are fixed to a specified amount. In other words, their jackpot multiplier doesn’t change regardless of how many times you play the game. So, for example, if the jackpot multiplier is 500x, it doesn’t change throughout the game’s life.

Progressive jackpot slots are the real jackpot slots. The windfall amount accumulates over time as players continue to wager. Then, finally, the amount grows into millions. Once someone wins the amount, it resets to the base amount and starts to build up again.

Regular or jackpot slots, which one should I play

If you are wondering which one between progressive jackpot and regular slots, you should play with your cryptos; then maybe you can get some help here. Now that you know the difference between the two, you can quickly outline their perks and find the best one that suits you every given time.

For the record, you already know that regular slots, too, have a jackpot. The critical difference between the two slots is that traditional slots have a fixed jackpot, while the progressive jackpot advances with every wager. So, if you want to play a game with a fixed jackpot, regardless of how many times you play it or how many times it’s won, then the regular slots game is yours.

But if you are after a game that can pay you up to millions in a single spin, then progressives slots are your answer. What’s more, you know this top prize at the onset.

The best approach, though, is to develop a strategy. Both slots offer small wins in between, so you don’t need to wait until you win the jackpots. There’s not much difference between traditional online slots and bitcoin slot games. They both replicate the Las Vegas and Atlantic City slot machines, except that bitcoin slots have the added advantage of allowing you to use Bitcoins to play them from the comfort of your own home.

The key slot features to look out for

Slot features have critical components that, if you understand well, make your gameplay more exciting and can boost chances of winning big.

As online casinos game developers work hard to outsmart each other, all the benefits trickle down to the players. Different slots come with ranging types of slot features. We can’t exhaust all of them in this piece, but we’ll look at the most popular, which include;

Special symbols

Slot game providers play around with symbols to trigger different features of a game. So, as you continue to play more slots, you’ll come across various symbols and features. Sticky, stacked, exploding, and expanding symbols and more adds more depth and excitement.

Some most sort symbols in slot games include;


No slot misses a wild symbol. A wild symbol, in most cases, will substitute all symbols, except the scatter, to help you form a winning combination that otherwise wouldn’t be complete.

Some slots have unique wilds like sticky and spreading wilds. Sticky wilds occupy a reel during several rounds. For example, in Net Entertainment’s Dead or Alive slots, Sticky Wild occupies a position in the reel during free spins.

There’s also the spreading wilds. Depending on the slots you are playing, Spreading Wilds may happen any time during the game. But mostly, it’s a unique feature activated during free spins. For example, Net Entertainment’s Frankenstein game calls it the Linked Wild. In the main game, lightning extends the wild symbol to two or more adjacent symbols. While during the free spins, the Fire Wild jumps to other icons, set them on fire and turn them into wilds, too.

There are many variations of wilds, among them jumping wilds, multiplier wilds, wild overlays, diagonal wilds, and much more. They play one universal role, substitute other symbols to complete a combination. But you can learn a wild’s ability from the game’s paytable.

Lots of entertaining online and cryptocurrency slot machines exploit this feature. For example, Guns N’ Roses slot, available at various bitcoin casinos, employs expanding wild, wild substitution, and loads of other exciting features. You can enjoy it at any of the top online casinos that accept bitcoins.


Scatter are special symbols, and their specific functions vary according to the game you’re playing. In most casino games, though, the ‘scatter’ triggers the bonus feature. In others, they might play the role of Wilds by substituting for other symbols to help you form the winning combinations.

Scatters are your besties in the slot game as they are the triggers of the bonus game or the free spins. They take different icons in the game. Sometimes, they might be the bonus symbol, but it’s rare for any slot not to have one.

Besides, Scatter symbols are defiant of the payline rules. While other characters must appear on consecutive reels following a win line, Scatters count on whatever position they appear. Thus, in some slots, they are also the highest. But this is just a common observation as each game has its rules. So, before you jump into any bitcoin slot game, it’s wise to check the game rules to know whether it has the Scatter and precisely what it does in that particular game.

Some games use the Scatter as both the Wild and Scatter. So they call it Wild Scatter. In such a role, the Scatter substitutes any other symbol in the game to complete winning combinations. And when they appear as a Scatter, they open the bonus game features. One such slot with Wild Scatter is the extremely popular Book of Dead. Play it at any of our bitcoin casinos.

Number of paylines

A payline is a straight or zig-zagged line where symbols line up to form a winning combination. The win-way may start from far left to right, far-right to the left, or both ways, depending on the game you are playing.

Most slots pay one way, from left to right. However, on a Win Both Ways slot, your winning combinations pays if they fall on a payline starting from the right and starting from the left!

In modern video slots, there are multiple paylines from 5 to even 100. They are either fixed or flexible, and the game’s paytable defines clearly each.

Paylines continue to evolve, and now there are slots with features such as:

Win all ways

All Ways Win Slots don’t have any win lines. So, to win, you’ll need to land symbols on consecutive reels to be guaranteed a payout. ‘All Ways’ slots tell you how many ways you’ll win at the slot. For example, we have ‘720 ways to win’ or ‘243 ways to win!’

243 ways to win

You have 243 ways to create a winning combo. Any combination of three or more matching symbols wins, provided they appear anywhere on adjacent reels, starting from the first and going left to right. Examples of such bitcoin casino slots include Game of Thrones, Thunderstruck II, and Jurassic Park.


Megaways is a patent product of Big Time Gaming and is another slot game mechanic. In Megaways slots, the number of symbols and ways to win change randomly on every spin. So, there is no pre-determined number of paylines. Such slots Divine Fortune and Fruit Shop slots.

Cluster pays

If you are a fan of Candy Crush Saga, you won’t have a problem playing Cluster Pays online slots, whether paying with bitcoins or traditional money. These slots don’t have spinning reels. Instead, they use a grid-style screen. You win by landing groups of symbols adjacent to each other on the grid. The more of these adjacent symbols you can band together, the greater the value of your potential win. Such an example is Aloha by NetEnt.

Free spins

There is no doubt that free spins are the most common and popular feature of online slots or bitcoin slots, for that matter. Therefore, if you seek free bitcoin slots, you would be thinking of a free spin bonus.

But here, we are not talking about the free spin bonus. Look, you have already deposited your bitcoins and is playing your favourite bitcoin slot machine game. The reel spins, and boom, you land three scatters or bonus symbols. So you get a chance to increase your winnings with, let’s say ten, free spins.

Well, in-game free spins vary from one slot to another, depending on the game provider, but the bonus rounds essentially do the same thing – they award you a preset or random number of free games. In some cases, the free spins come with a multiplier attached to the winnings.

In some slots, the scatter or bonus symbol remains active. So, you can trigger and retrigger the free spins during the free rounds. But in some like Dead or Alive slot, the scatter remains inactive until you finish the free rounds.

Bonus game

A bonus game is an extra round or a game in an online casino game that typically don’t ask you for an extra bet. Simply put, it’s a free game inside a bet. It’s very different from the bonus game or deposit bonus that any bitcoin casino give.

These bonus games come in different ways. Each online casino slot has it inside, but you need to trigger it, in most cases, by landing three bonus or scatter symbols on the reels.

Win boosters

Like online casino slots, crypto slot games, too, have win boosters like re-spins and multipliers.

When you play slots, re-spins give you another chance to win while multipliers, e.g. 2x,3x,4x or 5x, multiply your winnings depending on the game. Sometimes these multipliers don’t reset between spins, enhancing your chances to win big.

These win boosters come in different forms. Here are a variety of options you might come across:

  • Gamble Feature – Activates each time you win to give you a choice to take home the win as it is or double it by gambling the wins. An incorrect guess would mean you lose your wins in that bet. Like in Book of Ra Slot, you have optional mini-games every time you win.
  • Free spins – You spin the reel at no extra cost with your last bet amount that triggered the free spins as the wager.
  • Re-spins – Gives you another chance at the reel when you land a winning combination. But this time, only one reel spins, enhancing your chances of winning even more money.
  • Pick me – The symbols hide prizes, but you can only pick one. The reward could be money, free spins, or win multipliers.
  • Spinning Wheel – some video slot casino games land you on a wheel of fortune that you need to play.

The slot paytable – The answer to all the questions

Each slot has a paytable that displays its symbols and the features involved in the game. You’ll learn everything about the online slots from its paytable. It includes information on how many times each character pays and how to activate the bonus round if any.

Another thing, the table explains what happens during the free spins so that you know what to expect.

It’s through this table that you’ll also learn about the number of paylines and how many matching symbols makes a win. Bonus information includes stats on RTP, the game’s volatility, hit rate, and maximum payout.


There is no better way to earn free bitcoin than playing free bitcoin slots. There are thousands of casino slots. Whether they accept crypto/bitcoin or not is dependent on the casino site you choose.

Most of these bitcoin slots are similar in terms of game mechanics., but you’ll come across those that are unique. But generally, they are either three or five0-reel, come wild and scatter symbols, which behave differently on how they land on the reels. Even so, the gambling industry nonetheless has creative game providers who craft unique features to make these games exciting and thrilling all the time.

Even though it’s challenging to comprehend how, with their small screens, online slots can encapsulate all these features we have discussed, the more you play, the quicker you learn. The more you know about them, the less they intimidate you. Once you have mastered the features, you can quickly recognize and identify what they do. So, which bitcoin slots do you fancy?


Yes! They are not new; they are the same online casino slots, but you pay for them using Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and many other cryptos. Also, game developers are now making blockchain-based casino slots. These games are provably fair and allow you to test the outcome of every game for fairness.

The best crypto casino is one that offers a variety of provably fair games, quickly process transactions, honours payments, and enables you to bet pseudo-anonymously. mBit casino and BitStarz fit the bill.

There are hundreds of slot machines and progressives jackpot slot games you can play for real money. Top providers like Big Time Gaming, Microgaming, and NetEnt develop BTC slots lucrative bonuses. You can play the best real money slots and other bitcoin games at any bitcoin casino shortlisted casinos on this page.

A bitcoin slot is an online casino casino slot that accepts payment with bitcoin. A casino slot is the internet version of the infamous fruit machine or one arm bandit today known as a slot machine.