Best online casinos accepting Eos (EOS) 2023

If you have been dreaming of sending and receiving funds without any transaction fees, your wish may finally come true today. Nowadays, casino payments present significant issues for most players, so they have been trying to think of an alternative that can save most of the profits they make in traditional casinos. 

But we may have the perfect solution already. Its name is EOS casinos. These platforms are online casinos that use the cryptocurrency of EOS instead of fiat currency. The capabilities and benefits of these sites are significant, which is what our experts here at Playcryptocasinos have been heavily looking into. 

Today, we will present to you the best EOS casinos and how to take advantage of their opportunities. 

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Are Eos casinos safe? 

Before mentioning any benefits and perks of an EOS casino, we need to determine if these platforms are safe for all players. But according to the research of our experts, there is nothing you should be worried about. 

Not only the EOS crypto project has been one of the most significant in the industry, but the various online gambling sites that accept EOS tokens have also been steadily growing lately. At the moment, the market cap of the EOS token stands close to $2 billion, which clearly shows the direction where this project is headed. 

And with such a foundation to bounce off, the sky’s the limit for the EOS casino platforms. But that doesn’t mean you should trust every EOS casino you come across. That’s why it’s always crucial to check if the particular site is licensed. And if that’s the case, you can be sure that the specific gambling platform will provide you with the safe and secure environment you need to enjoy crypto games. 

Pros and cons of using EOS for gambling 

Without a doubt, the EOS casinos present many benefits that players can exploit. However, these platforms also have some disadvantages that you need to be aware of. You can check them out below. 


  • Smart Contracts for Advanced Security
  • Lighting-Fast Transactions
  • Fees Close to Zero
  • Building of Gambling Dapps
  • Enormous Welcome Bonus Selection
  • Fantastic Live Casino Gaming Platform


  • The Network Needs a Power Resource From Your PC
  • Fluctuating Price

Casino games you can play using EOS coins

The exciting EOS gambling ecosystem might provide players with many perks and features, but what makes all the crypto gamblers seek casino gambling is the available selection of games on a particular platform. 

So, the question here is concerning the quality and diversity of the provably fair games in most EOS casinos. But what precisely can you expect there? After extensive research, our team will give you the answer by revealing some of the most popular games that EOS casinos offer.


Slot games have been among the most popular casino games for years. And the best thing is that they get better with each year that passes. But as relatively new gambling platforms, the EOS casinos shouldn’t be able to provide excellent EOS slot selections. Or it just seems that’s the case at first glance?  

In reality, we can say that all the reputable EOS casinos could offer unique slot gaming selections that are easily on par with those in most traditional licensed casinos. And this doesn’t only concern the number of games in these sections. What impressed our team the most was the quality of all the online slots available in the various EOS casinos. 

Despite being relatively new in the gambling industry, the top EOS casinos seem to cooperate quite well with some leading casino software developers, enabling them to provide users with an exceptional selection of EOS slots. 


Roulette is easily one of the top crypto gambling games. And it’s not a surprise why most EOS users are constantly adding this game to contribute to their exciting gaming experience. Roulette is generally one of the most popular provably fair games because of the significant winning opportunities it provides. Above everything else, it’s pretty fun to dive into the game. 

But to give yourself the best chance of winning, you need to play the roulette games with a low house edge. Luckily, the casino’s profit is not the primary goal for most EOS casino sites. 

They provide fantastic roulette selections with games where players have better chances of winning. After we also add that the EOS roulette section is full of different versions of the game, we can quickly label the roulette selection at the EOS gambling sites to be among the best in the industry. 


Video poker might never be as exciting as the game of roulette. However, this is precisely what some online casino players are looking for. Many games bring you to the edge of your chair, but it’s not sustainable to push yourself on games like these all day. This is why video poker is one of the preferred options for players in many EOS casinos who just want to have a relaxing gaming session. 

But we found out that in an EOS casino, the video poker selection is not like in other traditional gambling platforms. What made a fantastic impression was the rough number of games that players can enjoy. In some of the best EOS casinos, the number of provably fair games was more than 20, which is not something you will encounter in any conventional online gambling platform. 


There aren’t probably any gamblers who haven’t played blackjack at least once. Blackjack is among the most popular provably fair games, and although the selection of these EOS games in the innovative gambling platforms is quite extensive, the real excitement lies elsewhere. 

As our team explored the EOS games, we were very impressed with all the available blackjack versions. At first sight, this was the highlight of the blackjack section. But not until we came across the live casino gaming selection of blackjack games. These live casino games were easily living up to the highest standards of the gambling industry. 

They combine incredibly clean graphics, apparent sound effects, and different camera angles to provide players with the ultimate real-life gambling experience. So, if quality live casino blackjack gaming is something you are fond of, the EOS dapps are your bread and butter. 


The EOS dice games may just be the casino game with the tiniest selection in the recommended EOS casinos. But that’s the only downside you could potentially find. What stood out to our team of experts was the diversity of the available dice games. 

They were covering both provably fair versions of the game and live casino dice games that had a low house edge. So, even despite a limited number of dice headlines, the EOS casinos have done more than enough to satisfy every EOS dice fan. 


Plinko is definitely one of the games most gamblers haven’t even heard about. But the online casinos industry is growing tremendously, so it’s not a surprise that there are constantly new additions to the gaming list. After all, entertaining and satisfying players is a priority. 

With that in mind, the availability of a new game like plinko in the EOS gambling platforms clearly shows how these sites are not afraid to make the change and invent some new inventions. Furthermore, the plinko game is simple as you will only need to choose from three sets of multipliers. 

The more enormous multipliers will provide you with significant profits if you are lucky, but the potential losses will also be significant if it’s not your day. You will have to manage the risk wisely and not get too greedy. Otherwise, this can be dreadful to your account balance, especially if you have decided not to use the available welcome bonus offer or other EOS bonuses. 


Crash is the game that has taken the online gambling industry by storm just in a year. As a result, many EOS casinos now offer crash as an essential part of their gaming selection. But what makes this game so popular even among the players of decentralized casinos? Well, first of all, you should know that crash is a simple, provably fair game. 

However, it is very different from other EOS blockchain games because of the monstrous winning opportunities it provides. They can even be compared to those of some of the most profitable progressive jackpot slots in the industry. There have been many cases of lucky gamblers who could multiply their initial bet thousands of times. 

But how can this be possible? Well, the game of crash is straightforward. The only thing you need to do is choose your bet and select the multiplier where you want to cash out. Keep in mind that you can only cash out up to the amount of your selected multiplier. 

So, if you select a low multiplier and the round goes up to 100x or 1,000x, you are getting nowhere near these astronomical numbers. That’s what makes the game of crash such an exciting option for most gamblers. 

EOS casino bonuses

In the various EOS gambling platforms, there are fantastic casino bonuses you can take advantage of. But each bonus offer is very specific, so you need to learn more about them to take full advantage. That said, let’s dive into the three EOS casino bonuses you will always encounter when you begin to gamble with EOS. 

Welcome bonuses 

The welcome bonus offer is the best way to fund your account with EOS coins. These bonuses are the most generous in the crypto casinos, with the deposit bonus funds quickly reaching 100-200% of your initial deposit. 

Although this type of offer will give you a significant head start on your EOS gambling experience, you should carefully check out the wagering requirements you have to complete for the deposit bonus funds. 

No deposit bonuses 

The no deposit bonus offer is one of the easiest to claim and complete. Most EOS casinos often offer bonuses like these, but the amount of the bonus funds are usually tiny. 

That’s why you can quickly try your luck with some of the EOS gambling dapps, just hoping out for the best. But the no deposit offer doesn’t require you to buy EOS at all, which means everything you win will be pure profit. 

Free spins

Free spins are constantly provided as exclusive bonuses to some of the most active players in the EOS blockchain network. Like the no deposit bonus, you hardly need to make any EOS transactions to claim any free spins

Even though the number and value of the free spins that the EOS casinos offer are not that significant, you can quickly reach the EOS casino payments section if you are lucky.


Every EOS casino platform provides players with some of the best EOS blockchain environments for online gambling. In this environment, you can quickly claim some of the best EOS casino bonuses in the industry, significantly increasing your chances. 

On top of that, in the crypto casinos with EOS tokens, all deposits and withdrawals have little to no fees. When we combine that with the best security for online payments and the enormous selection of provably fair casino games, it’s not challenging to understand why every EOS platform hangs around the top.