Best online casinos accepting Dash (DASH) 2023

The crypto industry has been steadily growing into the online gaming space. With the fantastic opportunities that blockchain technology provides, there has been an increased demand for the use of betting sites that use digital cash, just like the Dash casinos. 

But finding reliable sites that accept Dash is easier said than done because there are numerous opportunities to choose from. Our team of gambling experts at Playcryptocasinos works tirelessly to provide you with actual and well-researched information on the best Dash exchanges. 

So, cruise through the following lines with us and learn all the essentials of Dash gambling.

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Are Dash casinos safe?

There’s probably already a tiny voice in your head that questions the reliability of these new Dash sites taking over the gaming industry. Considering the sector’s size and the numerous new casinos created daily, this is fair. But should you be careful when engaging with Dash casinos?

Of course, yes. Like all the other online casinos, not all Dash gambling sites provide a safe and secure environment. However, that doesn’t mean the Dash casino platforms aren’t reliable. When we compare them to the traditional betting platforms, we can say that they are much better, mainly because of the perks and security that blockchain technology provides. 

That said, you just need to find the best Dash online casinos.

Pros and cons of using DASH for gambling

The Dash gambling sites are still relatively new to the gaming industry, so there are quite a lot of players interested in their capabilities and downfalls. You will come across this in the following lines, learning what to expect once you get your hands on your Dash wallet for gaming.


  • Generous First Deposit Bonus Offer
  • Almost Instant Dash Deposits and Withdrawals
  • Great Security
  • Significantly Lower Fees
  • Fantastic Selection of Dash Slots
  • Exclusive Dash Bonuses and Promotions


  • Dash is Still Not as Popular
  • You Need a Dash Wallet to Exploit Every Deposit Bonus Offer Available

Casino games you can play using DASH coins

Generally, there probably aren’t many players who have heard of Dash. Thus, it’s only natural for these players to think that these platforms can’t possibly provide quite the extensive selection of provably fair games. 

But is this the case? It may come as a surprise to many, but most crypto gambling sites actually provide players with a much more extensive gaming selection than most traditional gambling platforms. In the following lines, we will go through some of the most popular Dash games that you can enjoy on almost all Dash casino platforms.


The fact that slots are available in the Dash casinos is not that surprising. After all, slot machines are arguably the most famous headline in most casinos. Although their availability in a Dash casino is standard, what will probably surprise you is the massive array of slot game opportunities you can exploit in the best Dash casinos. 

In some of these platforms, it’s not unusual to come across gaming sections that include more than a thousand different Dash slot games, each with its unique design, theme, and winning opportunities. 

That’s mainly because the Dash network platforms work closely with some of the best casino software developers in the industry, which allows them to bring in the most popular slots constantly. 


The casino game of roulette is standard for almost all online gaming sites. The game is exciting, provides extensive winning opportunities, and beyond everything else, is quite fun. But we were quite impressed when we were going through the roulette selection of crypto games in the Dash gambling platforms. 

Unlike many other casinos, the Dash casino platforms provide a much more quality selection of roulette games. Instead of just offering RNG games of roulette, the best Dash casinos go a step further, providing players with a chance to exploit roulette games from the best game providers, including industry-leading live casino headlines from Evolution Gaming. 


Video poker might not be among the most popular games in the industry, but it’s still an excellent way for many players to blow off some steam after a nerve-wracking live casino session. As a result, video poker shouldn’t be neglected, especially if you enjoy it on excellent Dash casino platforms with numerous provably fair games. 

Once you get into your casino account on one of the leading Dash casino sites, you will realize that the selection of video poker games is a bit more extensive than what you are probably used to. Additionally, it’s clear as day that the quality of these games is also on the highest possible level. 

This will allow you to exploit the best video poker headlines like never before, especially if you take advantage of one of the Dash network’s exclusive bonuses. 


Blackjack is among the most exciting types of casino games you can come across, so it should be an absolute pleasure to understand that the innovative Dash casino sites offer the chance to enjoy the card game to the fullest. 

When we were cruising through the gaming selection of the Dash platforms, we realized that most blackjack headlines there had a low house edge, especially when compared to other classic top casinos in the industry. This means that you can expect a much more significant chance to bank some winnings in the various Dash casinos. 


The dice game has been an instant classic, no matter if we are talking about land-based or online casinos. Generally, dice games don’t provide all that significant winning opportunities, but the game is enjoyable, and you can always count on it to kill some time and have some exciting action on the tables. 

In the Dash casino sites, the selection of dice games is not always the best, but you can count on exceptional quality and top-notch graphics. 


There are still too many players that haven’t heard of plinko, so it was surprising for us to find out that this is one of the typical provably fair games in a Dash casino. We haven’t even reached the point where the plinko game can offer numerous different versions and game modes, so the sole fact you can enjoy it on the innovative Dash gambling platforms is more than enough. 


As one of the most popular casino games in the last year or so, it can’t come as bad news that crash is available in all Dash casinos. If you are not familiar with this game, it’s similar to most of the progressive jackpot slots but with an entirely new format. 

The crash game is automatic and tests the limits of your greed, giving you the opportunity to multiply your initial stake thousands of times in case you are lucky enough. 

Dash best casino bonuses 

Before you deposit funds in the best Dash casino, maybe one of the things you will be most curious about will be the first deposit bonuses you can exploit on these platforms. At first glance, the deposit bonus options in the Dash platforms are not too uncommon. 

However, it’s slightly different once you understand the specifics of the additional deposit bonuses you can claim on these sites. Let’s go through some of them below: 

Welcome bonuses

The welcome bonus is the first offer you always need to claim in your Dash favorite casino before you start playing. By getting a significant deposit amount in bonus funds, you will quickly kickstart your gaming experience on this site, usually doubling your first deposit bonus amount. 

After all, who doesn’t want to enjoy casino games with double their funds? However, before you do that, you should keep in mind that you should exploit these offers to the maximum as you can’t register multiple accounts on the same platform that accepts Dash, and these offers can’t be claimed again from existing players. 

No deposit bonus 

The no deposit bonuses are among the best offers you can claim when beginning your gaming experience in a particular online casino. And is there a more suitable offer when you want to get your feet wet in any Dash casino around? 

Just like their name suggests, these offers are not like the other first deposit bonus promotions where you are required to use a payment method and fund your account before you can use any funds. Instead, you only need to create your account and be ready to enter the action to claim these promotions. 

Free spins

Free spins are constantly preferred over any welcome bonuses, at least for beginner players. 

After all, claiming free spins almost always comes without the need of any first deposit bonus, and you can quickly make a withdrawal request for the winnings you acquire in case the spins don’t have a wagering requirement. 

With time, you will find out that the Dash casino platforms with a solid reputation constantly provide offers in the form of free spins. Sometimes the first deposit bonus includes free spins, but they are more like an addition to the particular offer. 


Although Dash is not among the most popular cryptocurrency alternatives, especially in the gambling industry, this doesn’t hide the fact that using a Dash wallet for gambling will provide you with provably fair games from the best software providers and very generous first deposit bonus casino offers. 

When we also add the incredible perks that come along with Dash because of the blockchain technology, you can quickly realize why these innovative casinos are quickly acquiring a gaming license one by one.  

Alternatives to DASH casinos

Most of you are probably aware of that, but Dash casino sites are far from the only option you can choose if you want to engage with gambling in exciting casino games and progressive jackpots. Other opportunities are worth looking into. 

More popular alternatives

Bitcoin casinos 

Let’s check out the pioneer in the crypto gambling industry, the Bitcoin casinos. These are the most trusted platforms you can count on, especially if you want to receive the best possible deposit bonus offers in the industry. Some of these sites have been around for more than ten years, allowing them to constantly improve their service with time, becoming one of the best places where crypto enthusiasts can enjoy different games and low transaction fees. 

Ethereum casinos

Aside from Bitcoin, there is another cryptocurrency everyone knows about, and this is Ethereum. Created only a few years after Bitcoin, lately, ETH has established itself as one of the most secure deposit methods in all of the various crypto casinos around. Thanks to the incredible blockchain system of Ethereum, players can rely on private transactions of the highest caliber. 

The network also allows instant deposits, and we can even say that the withdrawal process in Ethereum casinos is more straightforward. So, if you want to withdraw funds with ease and low transaction fees are your thing, Ethereum casinos are bound to be the perfect match for you. 

Litecoin casinos

Litecoin casinos have been relying on their good reputation for years. After all, the cryptocurrency behind these sites is quite reliable, and many experts believe LTC will be around for decades to come. 

The advanced security and different games that Litecoin casinos provide make them a preferred option among crypto gamers. Still, we should also add that most LTC gambling sites accept both fiat and other cryptocurrencies. 

This will give you the best of both worlds, allowing you even to select Dash or other cryptos for your gaming experience on the platform. 

Dogecoin casinos 

Dogecoin casinos are actually among the perfect options if you want to make your first deposit with crypto. Dogecoin is among the cheapest coins around, and the quick processing time of every transaction makes it the perfect deposit method for online gambling. But the power of Dogecoin is also visible when it’s used as a withdrawal method. 

With the low-cost Doge network, you can expect all withdrawals to be executed almost instantly, which is perfect if you like to scalp some casinos and run away with the profits quickly. 

Bitcoin Cash casinos

It’s widely known that Bitcoin Cash is a Bitcoin spinoff created a few years after the major cryptocurrency was established. What makes Bitcoin Cash stand out is that it has the same ecosystem and features that Bitcoin provides. With that in mind, we can say that the Bitcoin Cash gambling sites are among the most secure in the industry. 

Of course, the transactions in these sites won’t be as quick as in other platforms like the Dash gambling sites, but all BCH casinos will offer bonuses of the highest caliber. 

After extensive research, our team determined that the slot games in the Dash platforms will also come close to the most demanding standards of the gaming industry, with numerous leading slot machine games being presented. 

If this is not enough, we also need to highlight that the Bitcoin Cash casinos will also offer some of the most generous progressive jackpot games where you can take down millions. 

All of this, combined with the advanced security and generous first deposit bonuses, make the BCH gambling sites one of the best alternatives to engage with online crypto gaming. 

Less popular alternatives

You already learned which are the best options you can choose from if you don’t want to use a Dash casino. 

However, taking advantage of fantastic deposit welcome bonus offers and diving into an extensive selection of casino games is not only possible on the primary cryptocurrency platforms like the Dash sites. 

Sometimes, the smaller crypto platforms can even offer more exclusive bonuses and quicker transactions than the other casinos. Some of these include: 


Simply put, the top Ethereum casinos are just like the traditional casino platforms, but with the significant difference that Ethereum gaming sites use cryptocurrencies for all transactions, instead of fiat currency.

All Dash crypto payments go through the unique Dash exchanges that automatically verify and proceed with every payment. As the network doesn’t require a lot of resources, Dash casinos provide players with some of the quickest transaction times in the industry. 

Dash casino platforms are among the most secure alternatives for all players who want to exploit the fantastic perks of cryptocurrency gambling.

The Dash casino sites are popular because of the generous welcome bonus offers they provide and the instant transactions in both deposits and withdrawals. This allows players to exploit great casino bonuses and quickly move their funds from the site, which is a significant benefit in our fast-paced world.