Bitcoin Roulette

Bitcoin Roulette is a casino game that has existed for decades, and its ability to remain popular among punters indicates that it is exciting and fun to play. If you love casino games, you definitely need to try Bitcoin Roulette, and we guarantee you will never look back. Simply go through this guide we have prepared and understand how it works before giving it a try.

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Bitcoin Roulette guide

Much like any other online casino game, you can play bitcoin roulette games and have fun at recommended crypto casinos. But, of course, you can do this from the comfort of your own home as the games are available on PC and mobile.

Roulette is a fascinating game that is over 100 years old. But it was first played in a casino around the 1970s and has since become a casino stable. It’s one of the most played games due to its simplicity.

If you are thinking of playing bitcoin roulette and are curious to know how to get the most fun out of it, you’re in the right place. Learn why this casino game, though over 100 years old, still fascinates people. So, let’s dive in!

What is Bitcoin roulette

The name roulette, as it sounds, originates from the French word “roue,” which refers to the wheel. So roulette means a little wheel!

If you google casino and check at the search images, you’ll see pictures of a ball tossed around a spinning wheel with colored numbered compartments! Yes, that’s t what we are talking about —that game with curious onlookers shouting or screaming in excitement.

Those images print an accurate picture of the roulette game. It makes you hold your breath in excitement as you hope and prays the ball lands on your predicted spot.

As a game of chance, you place your bets before the action. But here, you decide where the ball will stop spinning on one of the numbers. You can choose whether it could be red or black, odd or even numbers, or high or low numbers.

Most popular casino games are now available to play with crypto like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, etc. So, Bitcoin roulette variations are a reality. Moreover, game providers designing roulette games now ensure you, crypto lovers, too, can access the games whether on mobile or live casinos.

Even the cryptocurrency-based game still keeps its core features. The only difference is you wager in Bitcoins and other digital currencies. The game now marries the thrill and excitement of its traditional setting with the convenience and transparency that cryptocurrencies provide.

There are different variants of Bitcoin Roulette Games, so rest assured you’ll fulfill your entertainment needs. For players interested in the live casino games, there are the live Bitcoin Roulette games too! So you are never short of choices. But before we look at the variety, let’s first look at what makes up this exciting casino game.

The three basic components of the Roulette game

We already know about a wheel, and a ball makes the roulette game, but the table also guides the bets. Here is the breakdown of the fundamental aspects you need to know if you are new to this game but want to hit the ground running! However, you can skip this section if you already know how to play roulette. Here we go!

  • The Roulette Wheel – It’s at this wheel that the action happens. It has numbered partitions in alternating patterns of black and red and a green section. However, that’s for the European version as there are sets of green colors for the American one.
  • The Table or Board – The board is where the bets happen. Since you predict what’s happening on the wheel, the board, too, has numbers and checkered with black and red boxes and green. A number is black or red, save for the green, representing 0 for the European Roulette and 00 for the American variant.
  • The Roulette Ball – The white ball determines whether you win or lose a bet in roulette. It’s equally as important as the wheel and the table. In a traditional casino, roulette tosses its ball clockwise, and you predict where it lands. While that sounds easy, it’s a game of chance. You can never really be sure where it will land. The anticipation and the thrill of waiting for the ball to settle are what drive the excitement. In Bitcoin roulette or online casino roulette, the point where the ball rest is determined using random number generators (RNG).

The layout of the Roulette table or board-explained

The roulette board’s main portion layout includes 36 consecutively numbered rectangular spaces, alternating red and black colors grouped in three columns of 12 holes each.

The numbering begins with 1 at the top far left corner and concludes with 36 at the bottom right corner. And right below the numbers, we have three blank spaces. However, mark these spaces “2 to 1” in some designs and locate them on the players’ side.

Each of these three long rectangular columns has either side marked. The American variant names them as “1st 12,” “2nd 12,” and “3rd 12”. On the European roulette, the marks read “12p” (première), “12m” (milieu), and “12d” (dernière douzaine).

Also, just below the three side boxes, you get six more green boxes marked from left, “1-18,” (low) “Even,” “Red,” “Black,” “Odd,” and “19-36 (high).

In the French version, “Red” reads rouge, “black” is noir, “even” is pair, and “odd” is impair. In addition, “1–18” manqué instead of low, and “19–36” is passe instead of high.

As already mentioned, the board either has either the 0 or 0 & 00 at the top, depending on the version you choose.

Learn how to play Bitcoin roulette

Are you ready to feel the rush of chance, hold your breath in anticipation as you watch the ball settle on numbers? It’s never hard to play BTC Roulette.

Roulette is straightforward to play as much as any other online casino game. Bitcoin roulette is not different either. You can place your bitcoin bets, spin this wheel and enjoy the thrill that comes with it in no minute. It’s this simplicity that has made it a casino since its advent a few centuries ago.

For beginners, though, the board might be a little bit overwhelming. But not if you know the plot, which is this:

Predict where the roulette ball rests in every spin of the wheel.

You have multiple choices for where the ball rests. So, your answer could be a number, a color, or even a group of numbers.

Types of Roulettes

As much as it is hard to believe Evolution Gaming’s Lightning Roulette is also part of the history of this fantastic game, it is. It’s perhaps the best bitcoin roulette you have played! But the truth is, roulette has had undergone a series of metamorphoses to become what we know today as the casino roulette wheel.

It would interest you to know that Blaise Pascal invented the roulette wheel searching for the perpetual motion machine. That was way back in the 17th century. Since then, the wheel has transformed, finding its way into the casino in the 1970s. Indeed, today we have variants of roulette you can play with bitcoins. Still, there are only three noteworthy, as follows.

French Roulette

In the French Roulette, its 37 numbers, 0 and 1 through 36, on the board mirror the sequence of numbers on the wheel. These numbers are either red or black, and the 0 is the green slot.

What makes the French Roulette unique is the “la partage” rule, which allows you to share half of your stake with the casino if you make an “outside” bet but lose because the ball landed on zero.

European Roulette

European Roulette has everything the French Roulette has, from the 37 numbers, 0 and 1 through 36, with half of the 1 to 36 numbers either red or black. Still, here 0 is the green slot.

American Roulette

Unlike the two roulettes, the American version has 38 numbers, attributed to an additional green spot of 00. All the other game elements remain the same as the other numbers are 0 and 1 through 36. It’s only that we have two green slots, “0” and “00”.

With the 38 numbers, you have a relatively slimmer chance of winning. How you place your bets is equally different.

Placing BTC Roulette bets

There are three possible outcomes in every roulette spin. So, you can predict that the ball will land on a single number, a group of numbers, or on either red or black. For betting purposes, though, you have two types, inside and outside bets, as explained below.

  • Inside bets – Are specific, and thus, risky! But since they have higher odds, they translate to better payout.
  • Outside bets – Are general yet have a better chance of turning out to be correct. They, however, have slim odds, and consequently, a small payout.

Now that you know your betting options, in Bitcoin roulette, you place your bet with Bitcoins. So, you first need to deposit Bitcoins to your bitcoin casino.

You can either create your bitcoin casino account or use the no-registration casinos. Nonetheless, most bitcoin roulette games are available at casinos that require you to register. Whatever type of bitcoin casino you choose, load funds in your bitcoin wallet and send them to your casino account to play.

Roulette betting rules

A quote attributed to Albert Einstein says that learn the game’s rules and then play better than anyone else. And it’s true! If you seriously want to get the best out of Bitcoin roulette, familiarize yourself with the rules that guide it.

Guessing where the number the ball will land can be simple, but since you put your money in line, you must pay attention to the online roulette prescribed rules.

In the Bitcoin Roulette game, you have various bet options, and each comes with its odds and payout. Also, you can place as many bets as you wish per spin, provided you meet the minimum wager amount.

Bitcoin Roulette, like other casino games, whether at brick-and-mortar and online casinos, has a preset minimum and maximum bets. In roulette, though, it applies for every spin.

As a rule, your total inside bets must be greater than the minimum stake. However, you have to check beforehand for the maximum stake as the casino prescribes it, increasing proportionately for other bets.

Here are the three rules that help you reduce the house edge:

Surrender rule

The surrender rule is your game rescuer when playing the American Bitcoin Roulette. You get a second chance to spin the wheel. However, it only applies if the ball lands on either 0 or 00, and you must have placed an outside bet (explained later).

‘En Prison’ rule

As the rule sounds, it’s only valid in a French roulette wheel. Also, you must have placed an even-odd bet, and the wheel spins a zero.

You can save half of your money or do another spin with your stake as the bet. However, you’ll only be spinning to win back the stake.

The prison here refers to leaving your stake on hold, spinning the wheel to rescue it. However, single spin, you must get the prediction right. You don’t get another chance even if the ball lands on the “0!”

‘La Partage’ rule

The ‘La Partage’ Rule is common in the United Kingdom. It’s quite similar to the “en prison” rule, but the player has only the option of taking back half of their bet.

Typical of any bets, if your prediction is wrong, you lose your wager. With this in mind, these three rules apply to different versions of roulette, significantly cutting the house advantage for all even-money outside bets.

Roulette inside and outside bets

Rather than confine you to betting on a specific number where the number will land, you can spread your bet across more than just one number. That’s where inside and outside bets come in.

Inside bets

In the roulette board layout, there’s the main betting area and an outside area. The bets you place on the main area of the structure of the roulette betting table have steeper odds, hence, best payout in the roulette game. They form the inside bets and include:

  • Straight up Bet
  • Split Bet
  • Corner Bet
  • Street Bet/Row Bet
  • Special Line Bet or the Five-Number Bet
  • Six Line bet

Outside bets

These bets are on the side or extension of the board layout. They include:

  • Dozens
  • Odd or Even
  • Red or Black
  • Column Bet
  • High/Low Number

Live Bitcoin Roulette

It’s incredible what technology can do! People can now play casinos games streaming live from the casino at the confines of their homes. Yes, like in sports betting, it’s possible to play live roulette with bitcoins. You can either place odd or money bets as the game streams live from the brick-and-mortar casinos. But only a select few casinos offer such an option.

The process costs casinos, but on the customer side, everything is as easy as 123. Players familiar with the conventional casino will enjoy the live roulette table. You event interact with the croupier who conducts the game and other players at the table through the live video feeds.

Why should you play BTC Roulette?

For a popular game like roulette, you have every reason to enjoy it. Bitcoin roulette may be the easiest way to earn free bitcoins. But remember, we gamble for fun, so responsible gambling dictates you only put what you are ready to lose.

If you have a few bitcoin holdings, you might want to go the BTC roulette way than the traditional online roulette for several reasons, some of which include:

  • Promotions & Tournaments – Roulette players paying with bitcoins get better offers in terms f welcome and reload casino bonuses. Also, the cash bonuses come in cryptos, making playing bitcoin roulette an easy way to earn some crypto. These offers are open to popular casino games like roulette, other table games, and slots.
  • Provably fair roulette games – If there’s one reason why players are running to crypto casinos, especially Bitcoin Casino, it’s because of the provably fair games that make them authentic and legit. Provably fair roulette algorithms help you verify the fairness of the game. You get a unique, encrypted key together with a secondary key. You can tell if the casino is cheating using these two keys, and consequently, identify the best casino to play your roulette games.
  • Superfast transactions– If you use the proper channels, bitcoin transactions are superfast. The funds are immediately reflected in your wallet as there are no autocratic verification and processing of funds. The transactions are between you and the casino, with no third parties like banks or credit card processors involved.
  • Secure Crypto Casino –Bitcoin casinos guarantee your privacy as the casino doesn’t need your personal information. The funds get into your casino wallet safely, and you withdraw your winnings entirely at your discretion without the involvement of payment processors.

There are more than enough reasons to play BTC roulette games. So as you begin your journey in bitcoin gambling, find the best bitcoin roulette sites on this page to test your hands.


Absolutely! There are many bitcoin roulette sites where you can play online or live roulette and pay with BTC or BCH.

Lightning Roulette is just a live dealer version of the roulette game. The good thing about it is you have a chance to win up to 500X through its betting options such as the Straight Bet & the 500x Lucky Multiplier. While all the different bets on the table pay their regular payout, the chance for substantial wins makes it the to-go option.

Fibonacci Strategy! Here you employ the Fibonacci sequence on a loss – meaning you maintain your bet amount, but when you lose, your next bet is the sum of the previous two bets. Once you win, you go back to your original bet. It’s safer than Martingale and still has the potential to earn you money.