Best online casinos accepting Binance (BNB) 2023

Every crypto enthusiast has heard or is even actively using Binance. This is the largest crypto exchange that allows its users to buy many cryptocurrencies and use them for investments or other purposes. But what makes the Binance platform stand out is that you can buy its digital coin – BNB. 

This is the digital coin that is used in the different Binance casino platforms where you can gamble online. Our gambling experts have put a lot of time and effort into researching the BNB casino sites, providing you with unbiased and accurate reviews. We will reveal everything you will need to know about Binance Coin casinos in the following lines. 

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Are Binance Coin casinos safe?

If the Binance Coin is the leading digital currency of the largest crypto exchange globally, the different Binance casino sites must be a safe option where you can play provably fair games without any issues. But is that the case in reality? Before you decide to buy a Binance coin, you will have to observe these crypto casino sites more. 

Our team here at Playcryptocasinos has gone through numerous crypto casinos. They claim that almost every BNB casino site you come across will provide you with a safe and secure environment for some live casino and slot games gambling. 

But this particular claim is based on pure facts. First of all, the Binance Coin is a utility token that uses incredible blockchain technology for all its transactions. This provides one of the most advanced security measurements in the gambling world. With that in mind, the payments in the Binance Coin casino sites can prove to be even safer than the ones in traditional casinos. 

But aside from that, all Binance coin online casino sites we present on our platform are licensed by some of the industry’s most rigorous online gambling regulators. This means you can legally play in the best BNB casino sites without worrying about anything. 

Pros and cons of using BNB for gambling

We can already say that gambling in a Binance Coin casino provides many different benefits you can enjoy as a betting enthusiast. 

However, to make the best decision that concerns your needs, it might be better first to check out all the pros and cons of these platforms before you join.


  • Extensive Selection of Dice Games
  • Live Casino from Evolution Gaming
  • Industry-Leading Payment Security
  • 15 Minute Transaction Processing Time
  • Great Investment Opportunity
  • Free Development of Dapps


  • You Need a Binance Account
  • Transaction Time is Slower Compared to Minor Coins

Binance casino games you can play using BNB coins

All the different features and perks about secure online payments and more would mean nothing if the games you can enjoy in a Binance Casino are not top-notch. That’s what will be the interest of most players. So are the Binance casino games worth your time and potentially invested deposit funds? 

After exploring the different Binance Coin online casinos, we concluded that most of them provide players with an exceptional gaming selection. These innovative gambling sites might be newly created, but they can compete with the best traditional gambling platforms, even solely based on their live casino and RNG games selection. 

With thousands of popular online casino headlines and partnerships with industry-leading game providers, the most popular Binance casinos will provide you with all the best features.


Slot machines are among the first types of games players always check, even in the best online casinos. But what kind of slot machines are available in the different Binance casinos? Well, that’s a bit of an unnecessary question, especially if you have already visited the online gambling selection in any of these Binance smart chain platforms. 

Once you enter the section of Binance slots on any of these platforms, you will immediately enter a new world of opportunities where you can play online casino games of the highest caliber. Aside from the exceptional quality of their slots, the Binance Coin casino sites will provide you with thousands of them. 

Among all the available slot headlines, you can find games like Starburst, Book of Dead, and Big Bass Bonanza, among the most popular slot machines in the industry. Aside from that, some Binance Casino sites also offer their exclusive slot games, where players can dive into a new, exciting gambling experience.  


Roulette games are among the most entertaining gaming headlines on every Binance Coin platform. These games are trendy among players because of the flexible playing rules and the enormous winning opportunities they provide, especially with some of the newest roulette versions. 

And talking about various roulette versions, the Binance Coin casinos provide one of the most extensive selections of roulette games you can come across. Aside from the traditional RNG roulette, where you can enjoy European, American, or French roulette, there are now different Binance roulette games with slightly different rules and winning opportunities. 

For example, in the Binance casinos, you can now enjoy roulette games with two balls, multi-wheel roulette, or even roulette with live multipliers where you can get 100x your initial bet. 

And the best thing is that most of these newest roulette versions you can enjoy with Binance USD are live casino games. This provides a much more immersive live casino experience, making you feel you are indeed sitting in front of the hot roulette wheel. 


If you decide to play in BNB casinos, you have to know that the video poker selection you will find is probably among the most extensive you have ever encountered. Most gambling sites provide only a handful of video poker games, which is very annoying, especially for the biggest fans of the exciting game. 

The Binance Casinos prefer to offer their players the best possible selection of games they can freely choose from in the gambling industry. That’s also one of the reasons we see most crypto casinos like Binance exchange partner with many game providers. 

More casino game developers inevitably mean better gaming selection, which is something very significant when it comes specifically provably fair games like video poker. You can enjoy many different versions of the game in a Binance Coin casino, so you will have to check them out for yourself and find which suits your style the best. 


Blackjack will always be among the games that attract the most customers to a particular crypto casino. That’s because of the dynamic nature of the game, it’s simple rules, and the exciting battle between players and the Binance blackjack dealer. The rules of the game can literally be learned in minutes, and every beginner can begin to play well after implementing only a few tips. 

Of course, you will have to be very disciplined to accumulate enormous winnings from the provably fair blackjack game. Still, the thrilling experience it provides is unmatched in the gambling world. And this is even more relevant when it comes to the Binance Coin live casino selection for blackjack. 

You can find some of the most popular versions of the game coming from industry-leading providers like Evolution Gaming. Evolution has won numerous awards for the best casino game developer in the last few years, and it’s widely known that the company specializes in live casino headlines. That said, you can always expect top-notch games in a Binance casino. 


Throwing a dice has always been fun, so why don’t you do it in any of the Binance coin online casinos with a chance for some great winnings? The game of dice has always been on top of the list for many gamblers, mainly because of the straightforward playing rules and fun experience that come with it. 

Even if you don’t play with the hope of getting enormous winnings, the Binance dice will provide you with many versions of the game, unlike what you will come across in many other online casinos. This creates a whole new layer of fun gaming opportunities players can chase, available only in some of the best Binance gambling platforms.  


For gambling platforms the size of a Binance casino, it’s only natural the most popular games will be available. But what about some other exciting casino games? After exploring the Binance Coin gaming ecosystem, our team found that many available games are way outside the realm of the popular casino headlines. 

One of those games is Plinko. Just recently, Pinko has been integrated into the Binance Coin gambling platform as one of the provably fair games. This game has a pinball-like structure, and it’s played with a ball and a set of various multipliers. 

After you begin your instant play, you will be required to choose a set of multipliers you want to bet on. By choosing one of the three sets, a ball will fall from the top of the gaming window and, after cruising through the obstacles, will fall into a particular multiplier that will show you the result of your bet. 


Crash has been one of the exciting games that have been involved in many gambling dapps lately. In other words, the game got so popular that it has begun to get integrated into numerous different Binance Coin BNB projects and sites. That’s why it’s not surprising that we have started to spot crash as one of the provably fair games in many gambling sites lately. 

Crash gambling is so exciting that even Ripple casinos have been steadily integrating different game versions on their platforms. In case you are not aware, crash is a game that provides you with the unique opportunity to multiply your bet thousands of times, in case you are lucky. 

The game is fully automatic, and the only thing you need to do is choose the multiplier where you want to cash out and hope for the best. Once the game begins, you will see the RNG elements moving, usually representing a flying plane. It all proceeds until the plane crashes, marking the highest multiplier for the particular round. 

Binance Coin casino bonuses

The Binance crypto exchange platforms provide a wide array of fantastic opportunities and perks. But to take full advantage of them in the best casinos, you will also have to use some of the deposit bonus offers that these gambling sites provide. But exploiting a deposit bonus is not the easiest of tasks, especially as a beginner player. 

This is why in the following lines, we will go through the different types of deposit bonus offers you can come across. Once you get familiar with them, you will have your ideas about using these deposit bonus funds optimally. 

Welcome bonuses 

If you are joining a Binance exchange to enjoy the gambling opportunities to the fullest, the welcome bonus will be your best ally. These offers are usually among the most significant you will ever come across online, as they will provide you with an enormous amount of deposit bonus funds. 

The specifics about these promotions are that they are only eligible for new customers of a particular Binance Coin casino. You will need to buy Binance Coin and fund your account one or a few times to access the deposit bonus funds. Most of the time, when using a welcome bonus, you will be able to double your initial bankroll, meaning that you can dive deep into all the live casino games you desire. 

One thing to keep in mind will be the wagering requirements of the welcome bonus. After all, even the best platforms that accept Binance won’t just leave you with free funds. Once you have claimed the funds from the welcome bonus, you will have to play as many Binance Coin games as possible to wager the amount of the deposit and bonus a few times. 

No deposit bonuses 

Out of all the available Binance Coin bonuses, the no deposit offers should be the best decision if you haven’t been playing in a Binance Coin casino before. The reason is straightforward. As their name suggests, the no deposit bonuses provide free bonus funds. You can use any regular or live casino section on the platform without making any BNB online transactions. 

That’s how you can get some Binance coin entirely for free and use them to enjoy both Binance casinos and the available games there. And if you are lucky, you can even get your hands on some profits. You should check if the particular no deposit bonus has any wagering requirements attached. 

Free spins

Generally, after you claim a deposit bonus in one of the Binance Coin online casinos, you will have the opportunity to get some free spins. Like the no deposit bonus, free spins are a fantastic alternative for players who want to try out a particular Binance Coin site without risking any funds. 

The difference is that free spins can only be used on slots, or you won’t have any access to enjoy the selection that the live casino section provides. However, the positive thing is that the Binance Coin BNB free spins are wager-free most of the time. In other words, you can keep up all winnings you get from the spins you receive.


Binance Coin is one of the fastest-growing utility token projects in the crypto industry. In addition, the Binance futures markets provide numerous crypto enthusiasts with the options to buy and retain many crypto coins. 

And the best thing? These coins can be bought entirely with fiat currencies. As the Binance exchange will continue to grow, it’s only natural for all Binance Coin gambling sites to follow the example. 

The Binance casinos legal are some of the best in the industry, considering the extensive selection of games, advanced security, and quick transactions they provide. There is no doubt that a top-notch Binance Coin casino will remain a steady option for gamblers globally, even after a few years.

Alternatives to BNB casinos

You might feel like Binance Coin is not the cryptocurrency with which you want to gamble. And this is fine because we are here to present you with some more popular crypto coin casinos where fiat currencies are irrelevant. 

More popular alternatives

Bitcoin casinos

Without a doubt, BNB is one of the most stable currencies, but if you are heavily into diversifying the risk, the Bitcoin casinos might be what you are looking for. 

These casino sites have been around the longest, and most of them are licensed by rigorous gambling regulators like the MGA. This provides you with all the guarantees you need to prefer a platform like this. 

Ethereum casinos

For years, the Ethereum casinos have remained one of the best options for gamblers that look for a balance between quick transactions and decent stability. 

However, little by little, the Ethereum network is showing off new, cutting-edge technologies that improve the ecosystem, providing players with even higher-quality features than ever before. 

This is successfully integrated into the gambling side of things, making these casinos a fantastic option, especially for the future.  

Litecoin casinos

A few years back, Litecoin was constantly revolving around the top positions of the crypto world. Lately, this hasn’t been the case, so Litecoin casinos have seen a spike in popularity. 

However, Litecoin has always been one of the cryptos with the most potential, and considering the low transaction fees that the LTC casinos offer, and they should definitely be considered. 

Dogecoin casinos

Dogecoin casinos are kind of a controversial choice for many players who like to enjoy crypto gambling online. However, these platforms have been steadily rising in popularity because of the DOGE tokens’ fun design, the constant mentions from Elon Musk, and especially the low transaction fees and lightning-fast transactions. 

When we compare Dogecoin with the ecosystems of the other top crypto coins, we can’t spot the same level of technology and competent teams behind the project. But that’s understandable, considering the DOGE project has been created as a joke. 

However, even if this has been the first intention of the project, Dogecoin remains one of the best performing tokens in the last two years. This, combined with the constant support of Elon Musk and the rise in popularity among the new generations, makes us feel like Dogecoin casinos will remain a fantastic option for all gamblers worldwide. 

Bitcoin Cash casinos 

Considering that the ecosystem of Bitcoin Cash is identical to the one of Bitcoin, we can say that the BCH casinos are also among the ones that provide the best security in the world of online gambling. 

If this is something that comes to your liking, these platforms will be where you belong. The only thing that makes these gambling sites less attractive than other crypto casino platforms is the processing time of transactions, which usually takes 10 to 15 minutes. 

Less popular alternatives

The mainstream digital currencies always get all the attention, but this doesn’t mean that you will have to limit yourself and use these casino platforms. Instead, you can open your mind and see that there are many other crypto casinos where you can enjoy a top-notch gambling experience without using any fiat currencies. 

We will list some of these less popular crypto casino sites below: 


Binance Coin casinos are live casino gaming platforms that operate only using Binance coins. 

Payments with Binance coins are made directly on the Binance smart chain network and take around 15 minutes to get processed.

Almost all Binance gambling sites are licensed by reputable gambling regulators, meaning they are 100% legal and safe to use.

Binance Coin casinos are very popular because of the extensive selection of games they provide, advanced payment security, and quick transaction times.