Best online casinos accepting Cardano (ADA) 2023

Many players have already become tired of all the hassle that the various casino platforms bring when it comes to online gambling platforms. But it seems that the tough times are already over. There are now new options for users who want to effortlessly enjoy some of the best jackpot games in the industry. And one of these options is the thriving Cardano casinos. 

These crypto casinos fantastically integrate all the perks and features of the cryptocurrency blockchain network for gambling, allowing them to crush all the obstacles that the classic online gambler goes through daily. 

Our expert team here at Playcryptocasinos thoroughly researched the matter of crypto gambling sites to provide you with the best Cardano casinos in 2022. 

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Are Cardano casinos safe?

Before checking out if the Cardano online casinos are reliable, we need to look into the ADA coin itself first. Quick research will immediately give you the impression that Cardano is one of the projects with the most potential to even take over the whole crypto industry in the future. This is because all users of the Cardano network use a proof of stake technology, which virtually provides them with unparalleled security when making payments. 

After understanding this crucial fact, it’s not that hard to conclude that most Cardano casino platforms are indeed providing the same level of security. But just like with the traditional casino platforms, this is not entirely the case. Even when Cardano is so established and famous, there are still rogue online sites that you need to be aware of. 

But you should know that if a particular Cardano casino has a license from a reputable gambling commission like the Malta Gaming Authority, it is undoubtedly a legit destination for your fiat currency holdings. 

Pros and cons of using ADA for gambling 

Even with all the benefits that Cardano sites provide, there are still some disadvantages about these platforms and casino games we need to mention. Therefore, we will present both below.


  • Advanced Security and Protection
  • Quick Transactions
  • Cheap Price
  • Generous Welcome Bonus Offers
  • Excellent Selection of Casino Games
  • Constantly Self-Developing Crypto Ecosystem


  • Higher Fees
  • Fluctuating Coin Price

Casino games you can play using ADA coins

It’s always great to understand that the Cardano casinos provide players with advanced transaction security. However, in traditional casinos, this is not the most crucial thing. The reality is that most players will always prefer to join a less functional gambling platform that has to offer a better gaming selection. 

With that in mind, you are probably curious to uncover the opportunities that the online casino games on an ADA platform will offer. That’s what we will be going to do in the following lines. Let’s jump right into some of the most popular Cardano games you can try immediately after joining. 


When you play slots in an online casino, you are bound for an exciting gaming experience with significant winning opportunities. There are numerous gambling platforms with exceptional slot game selections, so what more could a Cardano casino possibly offer? That’s what we were interested in, and this is why we carefully examined the available slot games in the various Cardano gambling sites. 

And what we found out was pretty interesting. First of all, the rough number of slot games in the ADA casinos was quite exceptional. We were often encouraged to try various slot headlines as we were cruising through the monstrous selection of games. There is literally something suitable for every type of player when we come from 3-reel, 5-reel, multi-reel slots, and even progressive jackpots.

This is what makes the slot selection of the Cardano casino sites so impressive. So if you are heavily into the gaming variety and don’t like to spend too much time on the same Cardano slots, these are the correct gambling sites for you. 


The roulette games are among the most popular in all crypto casino platforms, even in 2022. That’s because the roulette game is an instant classic and provides players with an exciting gaming experience each time they enter a particular table. One of the most exciting features in table games like roulette is how a player’s skills can significantly impact the game’s results. 

That’s why the most experienced casino players always engage in table games that require quite a bit of skill. This allows them to impact their results significantly and not rely only on luck. As a result, their gaming experience with this and other casino games is much more exciting, challenging, and more profitable. 

But if you want to use the best casino game strategy for roulette, you need to have access to a wide variety of table games. The good news is that the various Cardano casinos provide you with just that. With roulette headlines like multi-wheel roulette, lighting roulette, double-ball roulette, and others, you have plenty of room to try out many strategies and eventually exploit most live dealer games that the platform offers. 


Very few online casinos in the gambling industry can proudly present their video poker sections. Why is that? The truth is that finding high-quality video poker games is challenging and expensive, which is why casino platforms don’t even bother. And this is where the ADA crypto casino sites go even a step further from the competition. 

After exploring the video poker selection in some of the best Cardano casino sites, we were pretty impressed with what we had seen. Only the fact we saw a great selection of video poker headlines was more than enough for the ADA casinos to stand out. 

However, after trying some of the Cardano casino games in action, we were mesmerized by their quality and the immersive gaming experience. So, if you are a fan of video poker and have been secretly craving a top-notch poker section to enjoy online, many Cardano casinos will turn your wildest dreams into a reality. 


Blackjack is definitely leading the list for most players when it comes to live casino games. Even though blackjack doesn’t provide as significant winning opportunities as some progressive jackpot slots, many users will gladly trade the slim chance of a substantial win for a chance to enjoy a top-notch blackjack headline. 

There is just something addicting about wanting to finally beat the blackjack dealer in your next encounter, especially after the latter one has come on top the last time out. And in the best casinos that accept ADA, you will have plenty of opportunities to exploit all the dealers you want, especially if you learn some optimal strategies.  

The blackjack gaming selection in the various Cardano ADA platforms is pretty extensive. You can switch between the different headlines and find the one where you have the most success. This will allow you to try various strategies and experiment until you become the fully-fledged player you always wanted, crushing even the casino tables with the higher stakes. 


In crypto casinos, dice are not as popular as the other table games. Usually, this is a game where the experience is always best in a land-based casino. But on an online gambling site, the thrill of the game is by far gone. However, after trying out the various dice headlines in some of the best Cardano casino sites, we changed our opinion quite a lot. 

There are two main reasons for that. First of all, the various ADA casino sites provided players with a great selection of dice games, which is unusual for an online casino. But the real deal-breaker was the quality of the live casino dice games. 

They were coming from some of the best gaming developers in the industry because they were providing users with a gaming experience we can hardly compare with something we had seen before. 

The mesmerizing graphics of the live casino stream and the immersive sound effects make you feel you are sitting in front of the table, enjoying the dice game to the fullest. In a Cardano gambling site, the live casino experience you can dive into is of the highest caliber. 


When talking about plinko, most players won’t even be able to guess that this is one of the prospective casino games at the moment. But this is entirely normal because plinko is just slowly being introduced to most online casinos lately. That’sThat’s why we were surprised when we came across the game in many of the Cardano casino sites. So, what exactly plinko is? 

This is one of the provably fair games that will always provide you with an exciting gaming experience and excellent winning opportunities. In addition, the theme of the plinko game closely resembles pinball, which will bring most players significant nostalgia from the past gaming glory days. 

Your goal with plinko should be to play with the highest possible multipliers without giving up on the pressure when things are not going so well. This fact and the opportunity to bank on significant profits make this game exciting. 


Crash is one of the provably fair games most players are getting crazy over at the moment. But this is not all that surprising, considering the game’s nature and the nonexistent rules. The gaming process is straightforward. 

You choose the multiplier value where you want to cash out, and if the game reaches that multiplier, you win. Of course, more significant multipliers come around rarely, but you should be aware that the score can reach thousands. 

ADA casino bonuses

After extensive research, we concluded that when it comes to the Cardano casino bonuses, they are among the most generous in the gambling industry. When you engage in any of these offers, you can expect to receive significant deposit bonus funds that can be used on the extensive gaming selections as you please. 

But to exploit the Cardano bonuses to the fullest, you need to get more familiar with them quickly. So that’s specifically what we will be checking out in the following lines. 

Welcome bonuses 

The matched deposit bonus offer will be the joining promotion you will be claiming after creating your new casino account and making your first deposit ADA. 

What makes these offers so sought on every casino website is the fact you will receive an initial bonus between 100-200%, which significantly increases your winning chances in every Cardano casino site. 

One thing you need to note is the value of the minimum deposit you need to match, but in the best Cardano gambling sites, it is pretty low. 

No deposit bonuses 

No deposit bonuses are fantastic offers for beginner players as they don’t require you to deposit funds at all. Instead, you just need to create your account in a Cardano ADA casino and claim the offer. 

The only drawback of these offers is that your winnings will probably come with wagering requirements you need to take care of, but they will be too tiny to present an issue most of the time. 

Free spins 

Free spins offered in the Cardano online casinos are among the best ways to try out some slot machines you are not sure of yet. When you play with free spins on a Cardano casino site, you can often pick up any online slots and try your luck there. Keep in mind to check if the particular free spins you had claimed come with any wagering requirements you must complete.


The Cardano casinos’ regulated options are among the best gambling platforms you can pick for your gaming experience. What makes the network of Cardano stand out is the quick transaction processing time and the advanced security, which is often labeled as the best in the world. 

In addition, the casino games you can also enjoy in an online casino with ADA are also quite extensive, providing you with everything you need for the best gambling experience of your life. 

Alternatives to ADA casinos

Although ADA platforms are undoubtedly one of the best online casino sites you can choose, they might not be the correct option for you specifically. If that’s the case, many online casinos might provide what you are looking for. We will go through some additional live casino platforms below:

More popular alternatives

Bitcoin casinos 

Bitcoin casinos have been the platforms that provide their users with the best welcome bonus offers in the crypto gaming industry. On top of that, these casinos are among the most secure sites you can count on if you want to remain anonymous and enjoy a seamless gambling experience. 

Ethereum casinos 

Ethereum casinos are the online platforms that also provide players with some of the most advanced security protocols. 

You can expect that all your deposits and withdrawals on any of the ETH platforms will be 100% anonymous, which is one of the main reasons many players choose to enjoy Ethereum gambling online. 

On top of that, the minimum deposit amount in these sites is not all that significant, and the transactions are processed quicker than Bitcoin. 

Litecoin casinos 

Litecoin casinos have always been a cheaper yet safe alternative for gamblers online. It’sIt’s not that LTC sites excel in something like live casino selection or deposits and withdrawals. 

They provide excellent gaming selection, advanced security, and quick casino withdrawals, which is more than enough for most users. 

Dogecoin casinos

The Dogecoin casino platforms are a rare beast. The cryptocurrency project can’t exactly be labeled as one of the safest in the industry, yet the Dogecoin has been surging in the last few years. Specifically for gambling, these casinos can brag about their fantastic customer support service and some of the quickest withdrawals in the industry. 

Bitcoin Cash casinos 

There aren’t many differences between the Bitcoin Cash casinos and the BTC ones. We can even say that the main difference only lies in the names of the two types of gambling sites. You can expect the best possible security for payments online, generous welcome bonus offers, extensive live casino gaming selections, and much more in the BCH gambling sites. 

Less popular alternatives 

If for some reason, you don’t feel that the live casino platforms we mentioned above aren’t your thing, there are additional options you can choose from: 


Cardano ADA casinos are all gambling platforms that only rely on Cardano casino withdrawals and deposits instead of fiat currency. 

The Cardano ADA payments work because of the unique blockchain network of the coin. The network users automatically process all transactions so that you can rely on incredible quickness and security. 

The best Cardano gambling sites are always licensed by some of the most reputable gambling commissions so that you can rest assured they are safe and secure. 

Cardano ADA casinos are popular because of the exceptional security they provide and the extensive live casino selections and incredible customer support.