Best online casinos accepting Dogecoin (DOGE) 2023

Dogecoin is one of the hottest cryptocurrencies around at the moment. It’s evident that the richest man in the world, Elon Musk, is a massive fan of this digital coin. Not only that, he also announced his plan to bring the image of the DOGE into space soon. That’s interesting because it doesn’t seem that the project of Dogecoin has the most stable plan and technology around. 

But with the monstrous demand that DOGE gets, it has climbed up to 12th place in Coinmarketcap. So we have to note many benefits of this digital coin and the newly created Dogecoin casinos that come into the picture. 

Our experts at Playcryptocasinos have thoroughly reviewed these cryptocurrency casinos, providing you with an objective opinion of whether Dogecoin gambling is worth the time.

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Are Dogecoin casinos safe?

Suppose you are not fully engaged with the cryptocurrency world. In that case, you should know that most digital coins have unique ecosystems that seem to have the potential of helping particular groups through effortless financial payments. Unfortunately, however, DOGE doesn’t seem too competent in this field. 

In the past, the team behind the coin has revealed the project was simply meant to be a joke, so the Dogecoin image has been taken from the famous 2013 meme with the same name – Doge. 

But despite all that, our experts are assured that Dogecoin casino sites are a completely safe alternative worth trying. After all, the Dogecoin casinos still integrate the incredible features of blockchain technology, which is behind most of the digital coins.

Pros and cons of using DOGE for gambling


  • Lowest Transaction Fees in the Industry
  • Very Quick Deposits and Withdrawals
  • Positive Support from Elon Musk
  • Exceptionally Popular Among Crypto Enthusiasts
  • Low Price
  • Incredible Yearly ROI


  • Potentially Unstable Price
  • Security is Not as Advanced

Casino games you can play using DOGE coins

The Dogecoin casino might be a newly created gambling site, but this doesn’t mean that the selection of Dogecoin games will disappoint. On the contrary, our team was interested in the gaming selection that these platforms will present, so many of these sites have been reviewed in detail. 

And what we found was very intriguing. The best Dogecoin casinos had a fantastic selection of different gaming headlines that can easily be compared to those of the best platforms in the online casino industry. 

This fact is more than enough to push us in favor of these innovative crypto casinos, but let’s first take a deeper look into the different types of gaming options that you can enjoy when playing without fiat currency.


One of the most exciting types of Dogecoin casino games is the slots. But who doesn’t like slots? 

They are almost automatic, there aren’t any confusing playing rules, and you get your profit instantly. And when we add the incredible themes and graphic elements of the best slot games in the industry, the experience becomes one of a kind. 

But are these types of slot games available in the different Dogecoin online casinos? Well, this is where it gets interesting. After exploring many casinos that accept Dogecoin, our team concluded that the quality of the online slots selection is also top-notch. 

But that shouldn’t surprise anyone. After all, most crypto casino platforms have established partnerships with leading casino game developers. 


The exciting roulette is one game that attracts the most customers on every online gambling platform. When you engage with roulette betting, you can put your faith in your favorite numbers and hope for the best, just like with the Dogecoin lottery. Although this may prove enough for many players, this is only one side of the roulette game.

Relying on luck is far from the only thing you can do while engaging in roulette gambling. If you take a deeper look into the table and betting opportunities of the game, you will spot that you can also place bets on odd/even numbers, colors, dozens of numbers, streets, and many more. This creates a lot of room for trying proven strategies, increasing your winning chances. 

But this is not the only thing that will come to your liking when you gamble in a Doge casino. What differentiates these from almost every casino site you have come across is the extensive selection of roulette games it provides. 

Whether you are a fan of European, American, or French roulette and its versions, a crypto casino has it all. Aside from the traditional RNG games, you can find fantastic roulette live casino games that will additionally immerse you into a thrilling world of Doge gambling. 


The Dogecoin poker games are another thing that will catch the attention of many players. If you have been playing regular online poker in traditional gambling sites for quite some time, you have probably encountered video poker games selections that aren’t very satisfying. But with most Dogecoin games, this won’t ever be the case. 

It’s widely known that most Dogecoin casinos partner with many providers of casino games, which allow them to offer an extensive selection of casino games in each of the different popular types of casino headlines. According to our experts, the choice of video poker games that can be found on a Dogecoin gambling site can prove to be among the best in the industry. 


Blackjack is arguably the most popular table game ever. The art of the battle between players and the dealer always creates challenging situations, incredible moments of luck, and significant potential profits. 

Unlike many other casino games, blackjack doesn’t have too many different versions and rules that you can come across online. However, the different Dogecoin casinos present the game in its best light because of something else. 

Dogecoin blackjack differentiates because it supplies players with a one-of-a-kind gambling experience. The quality of the sounds, the mesmerizing graphic elements, and the camera angles of the live dealer blackjack makes you feel you are indeed sitting in front of the dealer in a land-based casino. 

This is the experience that Dogecoin blackjack provides, and it’s remarkable. But the only way to touch upon these incredible features and dive into the Dogecoin blackjack world is to make your first Dogecoin deposit and begin your adventure. 


Dice is one of the favorite casino headlines of numerous gambling enthusiasts, even beginners. After all, this is the exciting game that’s always portrayed in different movies and ads about casinos. The rules are straightforward, and everyone can begin to play the game like a true professional after only a few rounds at a table. 

The game’s concept is clear – you need to get two identical numbers before a seven is thrown at the table. But what makes the Dogecoin online casinos stand out in the matters of the dice game is, again, the selection it provides. In most online gambling sites, you will find out that there is one game of dice tops if it’s available. 

But in the best Dogecoin gambling sites, you can find RNG provably fair games and the immersive live dealer Dice. So you can quickly jump between these two versions of the popular game and try your luck whenever you want to. 


You will hardly ever find Plinko as one of the available games globally on most conventional online casino sites. The game is generally not popular enough to stand out as a potential gambling headline. However, DOGE sites had spotted the opportunity, and you can find Plinko in almost all of the top Dogecoin casinos. 

But what is explicitly Plinko? This is a game where you can make consistent cashouts, unlike many other games like slots or even sometimes roulette. That’s due to Plinko’s unique nature. The game window is similar to pinball as there are many circle obstacles at the bottom of which you can find sets of multipliers. 

You have to choose which sets of multipliers you want to play, and a small ball will fall from the top to determine the result of your bet. 

Some sets will inevitably hide more risk than others, but the potential rewards will be much more significant. If you like to jump on the higher-risk opportunities, you should know that you can frequently lose 30 to 70 percent of your stake at Plinko. However, if you are lucky, your profit can go as high as 1000x your initial bet. 


When talking about provably fair games, one of the best that has taken the gambling industry by storm is crash. The feature that attracts the most players in the crash game is the potential for enormous wins. And the good news is that the best Dogecoin gambling site platforms integrate only the top-notch global versions of the game. 

You are probably wondering just how much you can win from this game. Well, there isn’t a clear answer to that. The crash game is a bit similar to the mechanics of many casino headlines with progressive jackpots. 

Sometimes you can lose, trying to double your stake, while there are times when the game will go wild, and the multiplier can reach thousands. The results when playing crash can fluctuate quite a bit, but this is why it’s such an exciting game that continues to grow in popularity. Even if we ignore the thrilling nature of the game, it has plenty to offer, especially if you play it in a Dogecoin casino. 

The best versions of the game will provide you with an exceptional online gambling experience. Additionally, the mesmerizing graphics and immersive sound effects will make you feel like you are on a fun ride until the game crashes and you hit the imaginary ground. 

Dogecoin casino bonuses

The numerous benefits that DOGE casino sites provide are usually more than enough for many players to make the transition and join, claiming an enormous casino deposit bonus. But before doing that, we recommend that you check the Dogecoin bonuses you can exploit in these innovative online casino platforms. 

After all, the Dogecoin deposit bonus offers will significantly impact your results, which can potentially make or break your gaming experience with these online casinos. In a typical DOGE online casino, you will be able to take advantage of the three best casino deposit bonus promotions in the industry. We will review them in detail for you.  

Welcome bonuses

Usually, the first deposit bonus offers you will come across in DOGE casinos is the welcome bonus. No matter the quality of the promotion, this is an offer that will significantly increase your chances of realizing a profit, just like the best Dogecoin casino reload bonuses. But with the welcome bonus in the best DOGE casinos, you will usually double or even triple your initial bankroll. 

As a deep bankroll is crucial when enjoying the high-variance casino games, the welcome bonus is simply an offer you can’t afford to miss. There are some crypto gambling sites where you can even take advantage of deposit bonus in the range of 400-500%, but these are a rarity even among the other Dogecoin casinos. 

Without a doubt, all this will sound fantastic, but our pro tip is to check the terms and conditions of the particular offer you are after and the wagering requirements. In a crypto only casino, these are usually very user-friendly, but it never hurts to look at them and make sure the particular deposit bonus offer is suitable for you.  

No deposit bonuses 

Before you rush to make Dogecoin deposits to claim different bonus offers, you might want to slow down first. There is a better alternative for those who don’t want to dive into the deep by investing their funds. The no deposit bonuses in the online casinos are an incredible option, and you can exploit them even before creating your Dogecoin wallet. 

This type of bonus is trendy among beginner players because they can join a Dogecoin casino, take the bonus funds, and explore how the platform works. Our team always recommends you first claim the no deposit bonus to try out some casino games, in case the welcome bonus is not too attractive. 

The best thing about claiming a deposit bonus like this in a casino that accept Dogecoin is because the bonus funds can be used on all of the provably fair games on the platform. And in case you don’t like something you see, you have been playing with the casino’s funds. 

Free spins

One of the Dogecoin casino bonuses that also doesn’t hide almost any risk for players is the free spins. Well, this is at least when the particular offer is separate. Most free spins promotions are usually tailored to a deposit bonus offer. But the promotions that offer solely free spins present incredible opportunities for players to win free funds. 

Many online casinos have free spins offered on their most popular slot games. And only naturally, these slots provide the most significant winning opportunities. Of course, the amount and size of the free spins depend solely on the Dogecoin casino you will be using, but you will always be satisfied when you realize some winnings. 

In this case, the only thing you need to do is check if the particular free spins offer has included wagering requirements. In this case, you can continue to play on the specific slot until you wager the required amount. After that, you can make your first DOGE withdrawal and enjoy low transaction fees. 


Dogecoin might be a bit of a controversial digital currency. Still, there isn’t a single doubt that the Dogecoin casinos provide some of the best casino bonuses for online gambling enthusiasts globally. The best Dogecoin casinos always offer extensive gaming selections that can easily reach thousands of various headlines. 

If this is not enough, we have to highlight how the top crypto casinos integrate the incredible features of digital currencies to offer almost instant DOGE deposits and withdrawals. Even the best fiat casinos can’t get anywhere near the Dogecoin deposits instant and quick withdrawals of the DOGE gambling platforms. 

And when we add the lower fees and exceptional Dogecoin casino bonuses, the innovative platforms can already prove to be the better decision for most gambling fans.

Alternatives to DOGE casinos

If you are a gambler who likes to have more security to feel comfortable with Dogecoin betting, maybe even the best Dogecoin casino platforms might not be the best decision for you. But even if this is the case, that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the fantastic crypto features in other mobile casinos. 

You should already know this, but the casinos that accept Dogecoin are not among the most prolific options for crypto casino platforms. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the more popular opportunities you can take to play without any fiat currency involved.

More popular alternatives

Bitcoin casinos

Bitcoin gambling is arguably the best way to take full advantage of the best crypto online casinos. The first cryptocurrency invented, Bitcoin, dates from 2009, which is way back, looking at it now. 

When we see the growth of this unique payment method and all the other cryptocurrencies, we can see that they are here to stay, potentially even taking over the whole financial industry. Even the best Dogecoin casinos sites can’t go anywhere near Bitcoin casino sites

Etherium casinos

Bitcoin might be too expensive for some players, but the alternative exists just before us – Ethereum casinos. Ethereum is the direct rival of Bitcoin, as they will be battling for the top place in the industry in the upcoming years. 

Many high-end technological companies have already begun to invest big in Ethereum, so only the future will tell what will happen. But one thing’s for sure – Ethereum casinos will remain a fantastic option for all players. 

Litecoin casinos

In the last few years, Litecoin is not performing as well as it should. The coin price crashed more than 50% from the top, but there are no signs of any worse outcome. 

Litecoin remains one of the most stable cryptocurrencies in the market, which is also why the Litecoin casino platforms continue to grow in popularity steadily. 

Bitcoin Cash casinos

As a Bitcoin spinoff, Bitcoin Cash always follows the step of the most significant cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Cash’s blockchain network and technology are identical, which always makes it a safe option for gambling online. 

You can basically look at BCH as a cheaper alternative to Bitcoin, making it one of the most suitable digital coins for enjoying betting and live dealer games online. 

Ripple casinos

Ripple is one of the cryptocurrencies with the most potential at the moment. So many features and perks will potentially make this digital coin incredibly valuable in the future. And it’s no wonder XRP is so popular, considering its lower price. 

But this is not an issue at all. Ripple has one of the unique blockchain ecosystems around, which makes it impossible for the currency to be mined by crypto enthusiasts. 

There will come the point when this proves vital, especially if the Ripple transactions remain to be processed almost instantly. These lightning-fast transactions put Ripple casinos on top of the list of many betting enthusiasts. 

Less popular alternatives 

The list of the best casinos we provided above will do plenty to supply you with incredible opportunities for your gambling experience. But if you don’t feel invested in them in some cases, you can always look at some other fantastic crypto gaming sites. We will mention some of them below: 


Dogecoin casino sites are online gambling platforms that depend on Dogecoin transactions instead of fiat currency. 

To make payments with DOGE, you will need a Dogecoin wallet, from which you can send funds, just like you would from your regular bank account.

The Dogecoin gambling platforms we provide on our site are always licensed, making them a legal and safe option for enjoying Dogecoin betting. 

The biggest takeaways from the best Dogecoin gambling platforms are the almost instant transactions and the low fees. Only these two factors are enough to allow DOGE gambling sites to take a leading place in the crypto gambling world.