Best online casinos accepting Solana (SOL) 2023

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, there are various coins coming in even daily. But successful and meaningful projects are pretty rare, so you always need to do your research before you begin to use a particular digital coin. 

That said, one particular coin is thriving because it’s being implemented in various gambling sites and companies and because people like it’s environmentally friendly. This is Solana. 

Taking aside everything else, the resource intensive coin is among the ones lately being heavily used for gambling in casinos. There is quite much to explore about Solana casinos, so our experts at Playcryptocasinos have worked tirelessly to provide you with crucial information about these new online casino sites. Learn how to exploit them in 2022.  

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Are Solana casinos safe?

From the looks of it, it seems that the Solana ecosystem is quite an advanced project. But that doesn’t mean that the various casinos that accept Solana will also be reliable and provide good gaming opportunities. That’s why our team of experts closely researched the matter, and what they found was reassuring. 

Like with online casinos in general, there are excellent and lousy crypto casinos. But from our research, we can say that the Solana casino sites are generally more reliable, and you can rarely come across rogue platforms. And when it comes to the best Solana casinos, there isn’t even a question about whether they are reliable and trusted. 

Not only are these sites a preferred place for many gamblers, but they are also among the best crypto casinos in the industry. The low house edge and the incredible crypto gambling perks are just the iceberg tips when it comes to a Solana casino. On top of that, all of these sites are licensed by some of the most rigorous gambling commissions in the industry. So, we can confirm that these new innovative casinos are 100% trusted and reliable. 

Pros and cons of using SOL for gambling

Enjoying live casino gaming with Solana might be one of the best things you can do. However, there is much that we need to dive into so that you can understand these fantastic casino platforms that offer Solana for gaming. 


  • Very Extensive Slot and Roulette Gaming Sections
  • Generous Casino Bonuses
  • Some of the Lowest Transaction Fees in the Industry
  • Advanced Security
  • Industry-Leading Video Poker Section
  • Many Blackjack Game Versions Available


  • Fluctuating Coin Price
  • Fiat Currency Also Available in Most SOL Casinos

Casino games you can play using SOL coins

We already set the bar relatively high when we mentioned that the Solana casino sites are widely considered among the best casinos in the industry. Many different facts can confirm this claim, but when it comes specifically to players, the most crucial thing for them is the gaming selection.

So, are the best Solana casinos meeting the industry’s highest standard when it comes to casino headlines or not? Let’s learn that by exploring some types of casino games these sites provide. 


Well, it’s not a massive surprise that slot machines are among the first games that we present to be available in a Solana casino. However, what is probably on your mind is connected more with the variety and quality of the slot selection. After carefully researching some of the best Solana casinos, we discovered that the slot selection is beyond impressive. 

First of all, when you search for slot games in any of the Solana SOL casinos, you will come across a whole new world of gaming opportunities that maybe you have never experienced before. There are thousands of slots to choose from in some Solana platforms, and whether you are looking for 3-reel, 5-reel, or even progressive jackpots, you will always come across what you need. 

But the enormous selection of casino slots wasn’t the only thing that impressed us. What was even better found was that most of the slots in these platforms were with a low house edge. In other words, when you engage in crypto gambling in these slot machines, you will have a better chance of winning in the long run. 


When you want to play in a particular online casino, one of the first games that will always come to your mind is the roulette. So, to understand that one of the favorite games for most players is available in Solana casinos should be great. For a roulette selection, the ones we found in the various Solana SOL casinos were pretty impressive. 

They weren’t short of variety, and we even spotted some of the most entertaining versions of the roulette game created ever. All these top-notch headlines will increase your winning opportunities when enjoying the game in a Solana casino. On top of that, with the numerous features, you are always bound for an exciting roulette gaming experience. 


Video poker is usually not among the most popular games among gamblers. However, it’s definitely the best alternative when you want to slow down the tempo and enjoy a relaxing night of gaming in front of the screen. 

But according to our experts, this is not always possible in most classic gambling sites. 

However, when it comes to the Solana casinos, you can quickly dive into an extensive and exciting video poker selection that even standard three casinos can’t possibly match. 


Blackjack is among the most popular headlines from all the different games in casinos. When you play card games like blackjack, you can significantly impact your results if you have some experience and knowledge about live casino gambling. 

There are numerous strategies and tricks you can implement to increase your profits with blackjack, but you need a wide array of games, so you have room for making waves when playing. 

The good thing is that the Solana casinos provide just that. The blackjack selection in these casinos is among the best in the market cap. When you play with Solana on the blackjack table, you can enjoy various features and winning opportunities that you can hardly see on other sites. 

This is why crypto games like blackjack are among the most popular headlines among gamblers. But if you are curious how the Solana blockchain platforms offer such an extensive coverage of blackjack games, the answer lies in the partnerships between the casino and the various blackjack software developers. 

Among the names of the casino developers, we can spot Pragmatic Play, one of the leading developers in live casino headlines, especially blackjack. That’s how you can enjoy only top-notch blackjack headlines and exploit the game to the fullest to win SOL tokens. 


Dice is one of the games that provide a fun experience, no matter the time of the day you join. Unfortunately, the game is so popular that the dice tables are always full, and you often need to wait a bit to sit and play. But we are talking about online gambling where this is not an issue, especially regarding Solana casino sites. 

What makes the dice games in the Solana platforms stand out is the highly social casino setting that makes you feel like you are indeed sitting in front of one of the dice tables. Additionally, the players chat you can quickly engage in contributes to that. 

Among all the cryptocurrency gambling sites, a Solana casino might be the one that provides users with the most immersive gaming experience when it comes to dice games. 


Plinko is one of the original games that has been taking the cryptocurrency market by storm in the last 1-2 years. Although most players are yet to play this exciting game, there is a word about it on many gaming forums. So it doesn’t come as a big surprise that the innovative crypto casinos began to integrate plinko in their gaming selections. 

Looking at the available plinko games you can play on these sites, the selection is far from extensive. But this is quite normal, considering there still aren’t many plinko versions created. In this casino game, you rely on multipliers, and your goal is to choose the line with multis that best suits your tolerance of risk/reward ratio. In practice, you can often bank some Solana profits when you play plinko. 


Crash is one of the best provably fair games you can play with Solana. More and more casinos are beginning to introduce crash to their users, and it’s not hard to understand why. The game is exciting and provides exceptional winning opportunities where players can multiply their initial bet thousands of times. 

When you play provably fair games like crash, you will need to pick a balanced strategy and not be too greedy. After all, the multiplier can often crash on less than 2x, leaving you winless for a very long period if you are not careful. But if you want to enjoy the game and play for the significant online gambling returns, there is nothing wrong with choosing higher multipliers. 

SOL casino bonuses

The Solana casinos offer regular promotions that players can exploit and stay on top of their game. In the world of crypto gaming, there are many bonuses users can claim. However, there are a few bonuses in particular that you will always come across at the beginning of your Solana gaming adventure. 

Welcome bonuses 

The welcome bonuses will always be one of the best casino offers you can claim, especially in a Solana casino. At its core, the welcome bonus offer provides players with a significant deposit bonus after they fund their account for the first time. 

The deposit bonus size is usually between 200-300% of the initial amount. That’s what makes the welcome bonus offer so significant for most players. After all, it’s much easier to exploit the various provably fair games with larger deposit bonus and bankroll. 

The only thing you need to keep in mind before claiming a welcome bonus offer is the wagering requirements that come along with it. The biggest drawback is that almost all bonuses have conditions attached, and you must complete them before making a withdrawal from the casino. 

No deposit bonuses 

Unlike other bonuses, the no deposit bonuses are much more suitable for beginner players who try games like roulette or casino in general for the first time. You can get a no deposit bonus at all times, and the best thing is that you can use the bonus funds both on provably fair games and live casino headlines. 

Free spins 

Free spins are among the most exciting promotions you can claim in an online casino. These offers allow you to try the Solana slots without any investment from your side. And the best thing is that you can freely play with all the winnings unless they don’t have any wagering requirements attached. 

Alternatives to SOL casinos (H2)

Without a doubt, Solana live casino sites provide some of the best opportunities for online gambling in the industry. But for some reason, you might feel like they are not the right option for you. If that’s the case, there are some more casinos reviewed you can check out. 

Alternatives to SOL casinos

Without a doubt, Solana live casino sites provide some of the best opportunities for online gambling in the industry. But for some reason, you might feel like they are not the right option for you. If that’s the case, there are some more casinos reviewed you can check out. 

More popular alternatives

Bitcoin casinos 

Bitcoin casinos are the ones that provide the most advanced safety features and a fantastic selection of crypto and live casino games. Moreover, these platforms have been around for the longest, making every BTC casino an excellent option for players who like safety and reliability the most. 

Ethereum casinos 

Each Ethereum casino will provide its users with a trusted environment for online gaming, where they can enjoy top-notch live casino games like roulette, blackjack, dice, baccarat, and more. 

Litecoin casinos 

Litecoin casino sites usually do not specialize in something in particular, but they are still a much better option than playing with fiat money. What you can expect from LTC casino platforms is original games, extensive casino gaming selections, and advanced payment method security. 

Dogecoin casinos

It may be surprising, but Dogecoin casinos can be one of the best places for enjoying crypto games online. This is not because of the quality of these games but rather the fantastic deposit bonus offers and lightning-fast withdrawals, which are among the quickest in the industry. 

Bitcoin Cash casinos

Aside from the fact that Bitcoin Cash casinos provide their players with an extensive selection of live casino headlines like roulette or blackjack, they are constantly offering enormous deposit bonus offers that can be exploited, especially for very active users. 

Less popular alternatives

Popularity is not always the best, which may also be accurate in the crypto gaming space. Aside from the famous crypto sites we mentioned above, there may be some other decentralized platform that catches your attention. You can check out a few additional examples below: 


Solana casinos are crypto gaming sites that use blockchain technology to the fullest to provide their players with an opportunity to constantly claim generous casino bonuses and enjoy low fees on all transactions. 

All Solana casino crypto payments operate directly on the unique ecosystem of the digital coin. Furthermore, all players are connected to the Solana network, which makes any cheating almost impossible, guaranteeing the safety of your Solana tokens and your casino account. 

The Solana casino sites are among the most reliable even in the general gambling sector. That’s mainly because of the fantastic perks of blockchain technology, which the Solana casino platforms exploit to the fullest. 

The Solana casino establishments are popular among players because of the lower fees, the selection of favorite casino games like roulette or blackjack, and the generous Solana bonuses.