Best Bitcoin Casinos - Guide To Crypto Casinos [2022]

The best crypto and Bitcoin casinos should give you a fun and pleasant experience. With numerous casinos dominating the market, we went out of our way to research online casinos by testing and reviewing as many as we could. As a result, our efforts paid off, and below, we list the best crypto and Bitcoin casino sites to choose from based on what meets your igaming needs.

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New crypto casinos

It is human nature to love new things, and new bitcoin casinos would not be an exemption. Below is a bitcoin casino list that will give you a top-notch online experience:


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Guide to crypto casinos & bitcoin gambling

Playing on crypto and bitcoin sites should be a pleasant and exciting experience. But, unfortunately, this is not always the case, as it might turn out to be one of those unforgettable nightmares. Just picture losing funds from your account, reason-hackers, or having to wait several days for customer support’s response on that critical inquiry you made.

I am confident that is not the direction you would want to take, and l guess imagining it is already making your blood boil. Relax. Read on, find out more about crypto casinos, and choose the best crypto sites to avoid such disturbing experiences.

What is the crypto casino?

Crypto casinos are online gambling sites where players use digital currencies such as bitcoins to fund their accounts. This is unlike the regular online casinos where you use conventional payment methods such as credit/debit cards and bank transfers.

Crypto casinos are fast gaining popularity because of the independence, control, and anonymity that cryptocurrencies give the players. In addition, you complete transactions without interference from government agencies, a factor that appeals to many crypto casino gamblers.

How does a crypto & bitcoin casino work?

In basic terms, BTC casinos work by using fiat currencies to purchase Bitcoin in order to create a crypto wallet. With valid identification, anyone can now open a gambling account on a crypto gambling site. You can then make the minimum deposit for your games using your crypto wallet, and start playing.

A more elaborative way that your popular bitcoin casino works are through blockchain technology. The technology is a security-oriented system whose primary objective is anonymity and security. Deposits and withdrawals are moved from one e-wallet to another by using the wallet address. No personal details are specified.

The technology transfers data through tiny chunks of information that go through millions of devices, making it almost impossible to track, hack or change. In addition, the verification process of transactions in the crypto and bitcoin casinos is transparent since you can view the transaction safe for the personal details of the players.

You also save on commissions and other charges, unlike if you use fiat currencies for your transactions. In addition, if your best online casino offers exclusive cryptocurrency gambling, they are not required by law to obtain operational licenses or permits.

A player on the Mbit casino can win more due to the cryptocurrency fluctuations, making it one of the many advantages players enjoy. In addition, online crypto casinos also offer promotional and exciting rewards such as the first deposit bonus, a deposit bonus, and so on to players extending a chance of them winning big.

The legality of crypto & bitcoin casinos

A bitcoin gambling site should offer a safe gambling platform. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all. A reputable and trustworthy crypto gambling site should be licensed.

As earlier mentioned, BTC casinos can operate without licenses and still avoid problems with the authorities. However, even though bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are decentralized, licensing is necessary as it affirms the legitimacy of a company. Therefore, punters should always prefer licensed casinos over unlicensed ones.

Crypto casinos licenses are not very different from those of the regular casinos that use fiat currency. The only difference is that the permits are the gateway to working with the financial institutions responsible for the deposits and withdrawals for the regular casinos. So, without them, you will not get bank services rendering the casino unable to operate.

Gaming authorities give out crypto casino licenses; examples are Malta, Curacao gaming authority, and many others. Such regulatory bodies affirm that these bitcoin gambling sites are reputable and hold high standards.

The gaming authorities are concerned with issues such as proper customer support, casino being provably fair, adequate security measures, giving instant payouts and instant withdrawals. They also offer honest and appropriate bonuses, and anything that pertains to making a site trustworthy and reputable.

What does a provably fair bitcoin casino mean?

Have you ever heard of the term provably fair, and you do not know what it means when it comes to bitcoin casinos? We will explain in the simplest terms possible what it means and how it works.

If you are playing dice games with a friend and have doubts about him cheating when he rolls a dice, you can do nothing to confirm your fears and check its fairness afterwards. Fortunately, the best bitcoin casinos have developed a system to counter such fears known as the provably fair. With this system, you are involved in verifying every bet you place to remove any doubts about cheating. It also checks the fairness of the game in real-time hence no manual checking.

The most common provably fair methods are arrived at by the use of an algorithm on every bet. The results are determined by three variables; server seed (provided by the site), client seed (provided by your browser and adjusted by you), and a Nonce (A number that increases on every bet you make).

There is no way the site can later change the encrypted hash as you get it from the site beforehand. You can also not calculate the roll results in advance until you change the client seed (you adjust the client seed to ensure that the site doesn’t know it in advance). Nounce increases by 1 with every bet you make. It can start from 0 or 1, depending on the website. It is a technologically advanced way of ensuring that players get fair and unmanipulated results.

You can verify bets to confirm that they are genuine by using several bet verifiers such as Primedice Verifier, CryptoGames Verifier, Betcoin Verifier, and so on.

Popular cryptocurrencies to gamble with

Most crypto sites accept only bitcoin cash because it is the most popular digital currency. However, this position is fast-changing as the crypto gambling market is becoming more popular than other types of cryptocurrencies. The most common coins accepted by the online casino sites are;

Bitcoin Logo

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin was the first digital currency. Bitcoin’s safety is second to none, making it the most valued digital currency by the players leading to its popularity and success. A position that seems not to change anytime soon. Its popularity has also made it globally accepted.

ethereum logo

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is second to Bitcoin in terms of popularity hence accepted by most online casinos. The process of depositing Ethereum is faster and cheaper, unlike bitcoin. The fees are generally smaller compared to those for bitcoins. However, it is less popular than bitcoin because it is not very secure.

bitcoin cash logo

Bitcoin cash

Developers made Bitcoin cash to counter the shortcomings of Bitcoin, such as slow transaction times. They also applied advanced technology to the bitcoin code to come up with bitcoin cash. As a result, the development brought speed and a user-friendly gambling platform that makes bitcoin cash popular with online crypto casinos.

Litecoin logo

Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin is also known as Altcoin. It has been in existence since 2011 and shares several similarities with Bitcoin. It is, however, faster and cheaper than bitcoin. In addition, topping up your crypto casino balances is secure and gives you a high level of anonymity.

How to deposit and withdraw funds with crypto

Depositing with bitcoin

Crypto casino deposits are very safe. The payment transactions are added to a ledger and are available for viewing publicly. Blockchain technology has brought security to your digital funds.

The process of making bitcoin deposits involves three easy steps;

1. Open a bitcoin wallet account

Bitcoin online gambling requires a Bitcoin wallet. Bitcoin wallets can either be a software wallet or hosted wallet. A hosted wallet is opened with a third party, just like you open an account with a bank. In contrast, a software wallet is like keeping your money at home without taking it to the bank.

Our interest here will only be on hosted wallets. You can load your Bitcoin wallet using payment methods like credit or debit cards, just like you do when using PayPal. It is crucial to find a reputable provider (host) like Copay and Coinbase, and we are good to go.

2. Deposit into your bitcoin wallet account

When you open the Bitcoin Wallet, you need to fund it. This process involves depositing fiat currencies into the wallet account, and you convert the money to Bitcoins at a set rate.

It works like the usual conversions from one currency to another. However, keep in mind the rate at which you purchase Bitcoins, as it will determine the number of Bitcoins you will receive. Bitcoin rates constantly fluctuate in each direction.

As mentioned earlier, you can deposit through a debit or a credit card. You can also link the wallet to your bank account and transfer direct funds from your bank account. Some hosts even allow other payment methods like Skrill or PayPal. Therefore choose payment methods that are convenient to your situation for your wallet deposits.

3. Deposit from bitcoin wallet to casino

You first have to identify casinos accepting bitcoins. You have Bitcoins, but they are in your Bitcoin wallet. Transferring them to your trusted bitcoin casino will make funds available in your online casino account for playing. Open your online casino home page, navigate to the deposit funds page and choose the Bitcoin option.

The online casino site will give you instructions on how to complete the process. The process usually takes a few minutes for the Bitcoins to reflect on your online casino account, and off we go! You can now start your online betting experience.

Making a bitcoin casino instant withdrawal

Before making a withdrawal from a bitcoin casino, you must meet all wagering requirements. However, you should have no difficulties withdrawing Bitcoins from your online casino account after successfully loading your account, playing, and winning. Then, process the withdrawal through the online casino page you are playing and transfer the Bitcoins to your Bitcoin wallet.

Once in the Bitcoin wallet, you can convert them to fiat currencies and transfer them to your bank account. Alternatively, you can go to sites that accept Bitcoins and use them to purchase items online without the need for conversion.

Bitcoin exchanges and wallets

A crypto wallet is a random pair of keys created by software and is used to send and receive cryptocurrencies from one person to another. For physical wallets, you should keep your crypto wallet keys safely. If you misplace them, you will not recover your crypto wallet and the funds in it. The keys should be private, and you should not share them with anybody. Only share the wallet address which you use to deposit funds into your account. You can choose from the following wallets;

binance icon


Binance has made a name in the crypto scene because it is trustworthy. The wallet supports the storage of several cryptocurrencies and has built-in functionality. In addition, Binance takes security very seriously, and they have built a two-step verification process that sends mobile alerts on transactions on the wallet.

When trading crypto to crypto, Binance charges among the lowest in the market. Traders are also often rewarded with rewards that include cryptocurrencies.

Electrum icon


Electrum is one of the earliest and most popular crypto wallets in the world. Its design is to take bitcoin deposits and not any other cryptocurrency. It has a very user-friendly platform with various user interfaces for sending and receiving bitcoin payments regularly.

You can use it on mobile phones, desktops, or with a command-line interface. It comes with a two-step verification system that keeps your coins safe and maintains a high level of security. Moreover, it is fast thanks to the servers that index the Bitcoin blockchain.

coinbase icon


Coinbase is ranked among the best regarding reliability, making it a trendy cryptocurrency wallet. In addition, the ability to buy and store your coins in one place makes it one of the most convenient wallets.

Coinbase is also a cold wallet ranking it highly when it comes to security. Therefore, it is highly recommended for first-timers in the digital currency as they stand a far much lesser risk of being compromised. One significant advantage of the Coinbase wallet is its mobile app that comprises all the features that are in the desktop version.

Bitcoin casino bonuses

Casinos give out crypto bonuses to attract new gamblers and maintain the old players. For this reason, it is essential to understand these bonuses before committing to them. They always come as a bonus code found in the information website related to crypto-gambling.

No deposit bonuses

As a player, you sign up, enter the code, and get bonus money to play. You are not required to contribute real money, but you most likely might be required to if you win and want to withdraw.

Free spin bonuses

This is a reel spin offer to a player that you don’t have to pay. In case you win with the free spin, they add it to your play money.  It is an offer to introduce you to specific online slot games risk-free. Unfortunately, winning from such free spins has wagering requirements like playing several times before claiming it.

Match bonuses/deposit bonuses

These are bonuses offered as a percentage of your deposits, for example, a 50% bonus offer on your deposit. These offers usually are available at the initial stages of your account. In addition, some crypto sites give you a match bonus on your first deposit.

Mixed promotions

There is a combination of bonuses offered at the same time. For example, a 10% match bonus with ten free spins.

No wagering bonuses

These are bonuses that you claim and withdraw your winning straight away without having to play some times or having to deposit any money to claim. For example, a free spin no wagering bonus is a bonus that you withdraw immediately after winning.

Reload bonuses

This is a motivation bonus that crypto sites give their existing clients. The prize is activated if a player decides to add more money to their account. Thus, they are more of regular welcome bonuses.

Bitcoin casino games

Casinos offer different libraries of titles. You can use your bitcoins to play popular casino games such as;

Bitcoin dice

Bitcoin dice game is one of the most popular games in the online casino gaming world. SatoshiDICE, which is a pioneer in the bitcoin casinos, invented this game. However, the simplicity of this game makes it appealing and popular, especially with beginners.

The other casino games look flashy and sophisticated to most novices making bitcoin dice’s simplicity a hit.

It simply involves placing a bet on a dice roll to be lower or higher than your predetermined point. A prize is won based on the probability of the chance being good if you guess correctly.

Bitcoin dice games offer a competitive house edge. Sites usually provide a house edge of 1% or less. It also has a thrilling experience because a single match is quick; hence, you will go through several rolls of the dice in a minute.

Bitcoin blackjack

Blackjack is a popular gaming activity in the online crypto casino. The Double Exposure, Pontoon, and Multihand Blackjack are some of the most popular versions available in the best bitcoin casinos. However, blackjack can be a bit complex for newbies to grasp. Hence seasoned players usually recommend starting with bitcoin blackjack as the software makes the game easier to comprehend.

In this game, you will start by betting on how much money you want to put on hand. Then, the hands will deal once you set the stakes. You will have the option to Hit, Stand or Double Down once you have seen your hand. The Split option is also possible if your hand includes a pair.

There is no limit to the number of cards used in bitcoin blackjack, making it a unique feature. Simply put, the more cards you add into your play, the higher your house edge.

Bitcoin slots

Bitcoin slot is the bitcoin version of the same games in the regular online casino. The only difference is that you wager in bitcoins instead of wagering coins or buying tickets. Instead, you spin the virtual tumbler and wait for the best combination of symbols that will give a certain level of reward. Before you spin, you will need to familiarize yourself with the Slot Lingo:

The coin size is the amount of your bet. Max is the highest bet limit on a single spin. Pay-Line is the line where you line up the result symbols to show whether you have won or lost a bet, and Pay Table Chart explains the various combinations on that Bitcoin slot machine.

The main feature in Bitcoin Slots known to enhance your gaming experience include:

Special symbols

Like classic slot games, Bitcoin Slots have special symbols that add excitement to the game. They include the Wild symbol and the Scatter. They play the same role as that played by the joker and aces in a deck of cards.

You substitute A Wild symbol for other symbols or numbers on the reel images. For example, it can turn a losing spin into a winning one. It can also act as a multiplier in some cases, thereby multiplying your winnings.

Scatter symbol gives you a free spin or other bonuses if you land three or more of such characters in your reels.

Slot bonuses

Bonuses are offered on a gambling platform to reward you for your deposits or loyalty. For example, bitcoin slots provide huge bonuses, which might sometimes include free spins. These bonuses provide you with an opportunity to study the game without putting in your money. You can also end up winning real money for free. The bonus type and size depending on the online game provider and which slots you are playing.

The most common bonus is the free spins. However, it depends on the slot, but you mostly get a free spin when you land three or more scatter symbols. You can also get hidden bonuses in the pick to win. Here you guess your gift by choosing various characters to reveal your bonus prize, bonus rounds, bonus credits, or free spins.


Gambling is more enjoyable if you can win something and even better if you win big. When activated during spins, Bitcoin slots multipliers enable you to multiply your winnings by a certain number.

The multipliers can range from x2 to even x1000, ensuring that the final amount is much more than the actual win. A multiplier can be triggered on a spin by a combination of free spins, wild symbols, and scatter symbols.

Progressive jackpot

On some of the Bitcoin Slots, you set a jackpot every time you play. This jackpot keeps growing as the game progresses until you win. Then it resets to the original amount. Such a slot is said to have a progressive jackpot. Note that this lucrative feature is not available on all slots since others only offer the fixed jackpots.

Video poker

Video poker has become a popular choice for those who gamble at the best Bitcoin gambling sites. The reason is that it shares some similarities with the traditional 5-card draw and the slots. However, video poker can offer not just one but more hands, making it more similar to slot games. Some apps are slots, but you see tens and kings instead of lemons and cherries on the monitor.

The computer generates cards, and a player only needs to make a winning combination by holding certain cards and making another draw.

Some of the most popular video poker offered in the majority of the online gambling sites include Joker Poker, Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, and Tens or Better.


A Roulette game is the ultimate game of chance and in all casinos. You can play this game using bitcoins on crypto casinos that accept them. You will need to find a top online casino that offers a good variety of Bitcoin roulette games, for example, Kingdom Casino. So that you don’t get bored ensure that your chosen bitcoin roulette site has plenty of titles from various developers.

There are variants such as the European, American, and French Roulette. Below are a few of top Bitcoin Roulette:

  • Multi-Wheel Roulette – It is similar to betting on multiple hands in typical card games, only that it uses several wheels.
  • Double Ball Roulette – Sometimes, you can choose to play with two balls to improve your chances of success. However, the prize to be won is also considerably reduced.
  • Jackpot Roulette – This roulette can have a separate jackpot pocket or be one that pays a progressive prize if you win with a straight-up bet on a hot number.
  • Mini- Roulette – This is a little roulette game with only twelve numbers and a single zero pocket. It is a dangerous roulette, and the excitement comes from its risky nature.
  • Live Roulette – If you want the whole experience of Bitcoin roulette betting, you should consider Live Roulette. Sites that are leaders in offering quality Bitcoin roulette games should offer; Lightning Roulette, Salon Prive Roulette, Immersive Roulette, Auto Roulette, or High-Stakes Roulette.


Craps is one online casino game that is misunderstood and with valid reasons. Its table is full of overwhelming bets and numbers that might make you shy away from it, thinking it is complicated. But with the advent of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin craps has become easy to learn, making it popular due to the high number of games to choose from and its simplicity.

So how exactly do you play Bitcoin casino craps, and what do you seek to find? Simply put, craps are bitcoin dice games. You bet on a roll or multiple rolls of dice. As mentioned, the game can scare you off because there are many potential bets you can make. However, understanding the basics is key to unlocking how simple this game is.

When the shooter throws the dice, the objective is to roll a 7 or 11. If this happens, you automatically win. However, if the shooter rolls a 2,3 or 12, you automatically lose. Any other number thrown establishes a point confirmed when you roll the exact number on the second attempt.

For example, if you roll a 6, you will need to roll another 6 to make the point. But if, for example, you roll a 7 in your second attempt, you seven out, and the round is finished.

With this basic knowledge gained, let us look at some of the common bets you will see at the craps table:

Pass bet – You will want to place this bet if you’re winning at a craps table. It is the most common bet, and it is known as Pass Line Bet. You bet that the shooter will roll a 7, 11 and if they don’t on the first roll, the pass bet continues until the shooter either rolls the point or seven out.

Come bet – You can place a bet that plays like the Pass bet after establishing the point. As mentioned earlier, the next bet is a 7 or 11 you win, but 2, 3, or 12 loses or craps out. Now any other number establishes a point referred to as a Come-Bet Point. And you win if that number is rolled before the shooter sevens out.

Don’t Pass – With this, you are betting that the shooter will not make their point before sevening out or crap out.

Don’t Come – For this case, you are betting that the shooter will crap out or not make the Come– Bet Point.

The above are not the only bets you make at the craps table, but they are the most common. Note that the base game of craps offers one of the lowest house edges of any online casino game. The other crap bets you can make at the table include; Odds bets, Place Bets, Big 6 or Big 8, Any 7, Any Craps, Field, Hardways Bets.

Casino game providers

Like most things that rely on technology in our lives, the gambling industry has completely changed from the early days. Technological advancement has made current online casinos unrecognizable from the earlier ones—the present online casinos invested in high quality to optimize their customers’ experience during gaming. To provide customers with the most popular casino games, a casino will use two or more third-party software providers. The majority of casinos use more than one software provider, but others stick to a single provider.


Microgaming is among the first casino games providers. It started by owning and operating an online casino in the infancy days of online gambling. It has kept pace with the other new gaming providers by offering an impressive package of games, continuous innovation, and uniqueness.

They have moved into supplying other casinos with gaming software as well. Undoubtedly, they lead the market in providing online gaming software since its inception over 20 years ago. Evident by the massive demand for their software and their many awards as top gaming software providers.

They offer software for over 800 casino games, with 350 of them available for mobile users. In addition, they have made their casino games have over 1200 variations to keep the games fresh and captivating. They also offer Microgaming Poker Network, which essentially is a poker room.


Often referred to as NetEnt, it is one of the biggest casino games providers in the world. It traces its origins to Scandinavia, where the company was started in 1996 by a significant traditional casino. It predominantly deals in slots and has a wide range of games available on some of the biggest gambling sites in the world.

Currently, it has over 200 casino games which is quite a presence. In addition, it acquired the slot game provider Red Tiger in 2019 to make them even more dominant. Their emphasis on creativity and originality has enabled them to scale to the top in the gaming world.


This company’s emphasis on quality and playability takes online casino gambling to new heights. It offers casino games and live dealers, bingo and poker, and mobile platforms, among other products.

Playtech also takes pride in a user-friendly interface with crystal clear visuals and dynamic sounds together with a hassle-free gaming experience. It has developed strong partnerships with its licensees through a determination to provide first-class gaming results. In addition, this software provider operates the successful iPoker network.

With a strong presence in 20 regulated jurisdictions, Playtech has grown to become the biggest publicly traded gaming software company on the web. It also has close to 6000 employees in 19 countries.


Based in Sweden, Yggdrasil has developed an impressive collection of online casino games. It has been taking the gambling world by storm since its inception in 2013. The founders have years of collective online gaming experience giving the brand a solid competitive edge.

In the short time of being in the gaming industry, this provider has won several significant awards. In addition, it has a splendid portfolio of online slots and pooled progressive jackpots that are compatible with most electronic devices.

Yggdrasil also specializes in video slots, lottery games, instant lotto products, and Keno games. Its state-of-the-art tech background and exciting features have made it an instant hit in the gaming world.

Bitcoin & crypto lottery

The Bitcoin lottery is one of the most played international online games. It has replaced the traditional national lottery games that the central government agencies primarily backed. Bitcoin and crypto lotteries are provably fair and come with many other advantages. For example, there are various games to choose from, low stakes, and you don’t need experience to play, several lottery providers, and so on.

Like the traditional lottery, the Bitcoin lottery is about matching numbers. The value of the prize increases the more numbers you match. You just need to sign up and choose six numbers from an industry average of 49 for every line you wish to play.

There is also a Quick Pick option where it selects six numbers randomly. The unique thing about the Bitcoin lottery is that you will get all your winnings paid in Bitcoins. So ensure to play bitcoin and crypto lottery on provably fair online casinos to erase any doubts of being shortchanged.

Best lottery sites

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Mobile bitcoin casinos

Technology has made it easy to have a mobile version of everything offered on the net nowadays. Crypto casino sites are not left out. Many casinos have developed applications that you can download onto your mobile phone, and start playing even on the go.

Interestingly, more and more casinos have an optimized approach to their websites; hence you can play straight from the casino’s portfolio on your mobile browser. This saves you the stress and space of downloading the app.

If you are a newbie in crypto gambling, you need to download your digital wallet on your phone to make deposits. It, however, does not apply if you had earlier played on your desktop, as you can use the same wallet.

Best mobile casino sites

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Crypto faucet casino

Crypto faucet is an app that rewards you small amounts of cryptocurrencies for completing a task such as watching product videos, viewing ads, completing quizzes, completing a captcha, and following links. These amounts are sent straight to your wallet. The purpose of developing crypto faucets was to promote cryptocurrencies since they were still new and of low value.

A Crypto faucet casino is a faucet implemented in a crypto gambling platform. It is a way of encouraging the use of bitcoin gambling sites and building trust. As you explore the features of the crypto casino platform, you earn free cryptocurrency.

Examples of crypto and bitcoin casinos that offer faucets are Cryptoskull, crypto. games,, fortune jack casino, trust dice, Bitsler, Duckdice, one hash, Cyber Dice, prime dice, Casino royale.

Best crypto faucet casino sites

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Pros & cons of crypto & bitcoin casinos

Crypto gambling is increasing by the day because of the benefits that come with it. Here are a few of them.


  • It is private (Anonymity) – Online crypto gambling has a high level of anonymity. Bitcoin gamblers keep their life and personal details private. You declare no personal information; the only things that others can see are the address and the amount. No third parties will have access to your data and will know about your gains or losses. Unlike the regular online casinos, the banks record deposits and withdrawals on your credit card or bank statements.
  • Fair and transparent by Default – A provably fair system confirms that the casino or other players have not tampered with the actual outcomes. You can verify the results to prove. Fairness and transparency give the online bitcoin casino a good reputation hence attracting many more gamblers.
  • No legal restrictions – In many countries, regular online gambling is illegal or prohibited with the implication that banks will not release funds or accept funds from online casinos. An example of a financial institution that won’t approve such transactions is the American financial institution.
    You can counter this challenge through bitcoin gambling. No third party processes digital currencies such as bitcoins; hence, the government cannot prevent the bitcoin casinos from accepting and making payouts of the digital coins.
  • Decentralization – Digital currencies such as bitcoins are decentralized, hence the government or even banks have no control over them whatsoever. Your bitcoins are forever yours and under your complete control. Nobody can take them away by freezing your accounts or even blocking your funds. While playing, you can also send funds to your wallet without anybody knowing.
  • Transaction Fees – Deposits and withdrawals fee in crypto gambling sites are lower than regular online casinos because of the eliminated middlemen. Conventional payment methods come with fees and commissions that translate to less money in the player’s pocket. In addition, crypto is not recognized as legal tender by many countries and states; hence, it is not subject to taxation.
  • Fast – Transactions are real-time. Crypto casino deposits are close to instantaneous irrespective of whether it is an international or local transfer.
  • Not Subject to inflation – Unlike the fiat currencies that can be printed and poured into the economy at random, the number of bitcoins ever issued is 21 million, and the growth is predictable.
  • Verification – With bitcoin gambling, your transactions are visible because of the public ledger that is open to all, bringing about transparency since you have evidence that a bitcoin casino made a withdrawal.
  • Worldwide Acceptance – Bitcoin is decentralized; hence you can use it across the world in any bitcoin crypto casino.


Despite the many advantages associated with crypto gambling, the honey pot cannot always miss a fly. It has a downside which you should factor in before you start gambling on a crypto casino. They are as follows;

  • No chargebacks/reversals – Bitcoin cash leaves your wallet immediately after you authenticate a transaction. In case of an issue with the casino, you cannot initiate reversals, or chargebacks unlike on the regular online casino where banks do it to your credit cards or bank accounts. Play on reputable bitcoin gambling sites to counter this problem.
  • It is Untraceable/ there is no recourse – Anonymity is an advantage but can also be a significant disadvantage as it can encourage fraudulent activities associated with criminals. For example, suppose you lose funds in your crypto wallet to fraudsters; they might be untraceable. The saddest thing is that the perpetrators will get away with it since tracing is almost impossible. Choose among the best bitcoin gambling sites that will ensure that your funds are appropriately secured.
  • Volatility – The value of digital currencies is always volatile. It would be advantageous to win a bitcoin when the currency value moves positively against the dollar or euro. Unfortunately, the opposite case is possible, and this will make your wins reduce. In addition, it affects you when you change your coins back to fiat currency.

How to choose the best bitcoin casino site

To benefit from crypto casinos, you need to identify reliable and trustworthy casinos to protect you from bad experiences. Your preferences should drive your choice of casino.

Below are the crucial factors that you must consider when choosing a reputable casino.

1. License

Only trust licensed casinos. Before settling on an online crypto or bitcoin casino, you need to check and confirm whether it holds a gambling license issued by a government agency. If so, the casino is permitted to offer remote gambling services to its clients.

The licenses prove that the casinos are reputable and trustworthy gambling platforms and are provably fair, have a proper payment system, and offer honest and appropriate bonuses.

Also, look for a crypto gambling site with certifications from test labs that frequently audit the site’s games. In this way, they attest that the crypto casino games are honest, and their results depend on chance and not manipulation. In other words, this means that the number generators work randomly.

2. Deposits and withdrawals

Crypto and bitcoin casinos have different deposit and withdrawal options. Some casinos will allow bitcoin deposits but will not allow bitcoin withdrawals unless made in fiat currency. Therefore, you should keenly check on the specifications of the crypto casinos and settle on what favours your needs.

Some casinos might only accept bitcoin or cryptocurrency. It is not mandatory by law for them to have licenses; it is an option. Be careful to settle on a certified one as it indicates that it is a reputable site.

3. Bonus offers

Casinos offer generous bonuses to their players ranging from free spins, welcome bonuses, a signup bonus, an initial deposit bonus, birthday bonuses, and so on. In addition, different gambling sites offer various bonuses to their players.

Fully benefit from such bonuses by comparing them to those that other casinos offer before settling on one. Note that the bonuses often come with special terms and conditions that you need to read and understand thoroughly.

Bonuses are short-term; we advise that they should not sway your choice of a crypto casino site.

4. Range of games

Another vital factor to consider is whether the crypto casino site meets your gaming demands. Although casinos offer various games, do not settle on one with exclusive games, as this will tie you to that single platform.

Also, settle on a site that you can access using your smartphone or tablet in case that will be an option for you. Finally, make use of the catalog of games on offer to help you settle on a crypto casino.

5. Trust and reputation

Trust and reputation is another factor you should consider when choosing a crypto gambling site. Gather as much information about the casinos. You can get such information from a crypto gambling platform and read about other people’s experiences with that particular casino site.

Additionally, you will get an idea of the casino’s reputation from such reviews, which is essential information when choosing your casino. Use the saying ‘where there’s smoke; there is fire’. Be very cautious on those bitcoin casinos reviewed with poor remarks and ratings. On the other hand, positive reviews should be a good indicator of a good casino site.

6. Safe and secure casino

Choose a casino where your money will be safe. Look for a platform where your operations will be confidential, your identity concealed, and operations encrypted to protect your money.

Also, look for a casino that offers provably fair games where you can check and verify the outcome of the games, giving you confidence as you play.

7. Customer support

The customer support team is often the face of any organization. That is not any different from crypto gambling sites. Test them. Shoot that inquiry email and judge their response. A warm, timely, and detailed answer is a clear indication that they will resolve it in the same manner in the event of a problem.

8. Restricted countries

Some countries restrict cryptocurrency gambling. Confirm this before you play to avoid falling into problems with your respective authorities. Check on the bitcoin casino reviews if your country or state is among the restricted countries.


You now have it all. Choose and play on a secure and provably fair crypto casino where you will be sure of anonymity and enjoy fast and cheap money transfers. Remember, casino games should be about fun. So, play responsibly.


A bitcoin casino is an online casino site or sports betting agency where players use a cryptocurrency to fund their games.

Of course. All you need to do is to open a bitcoin wallet and buy coins. You then pick a crypto casino site, make a deposit, and you are good to play your favorite game.

A crypto casino with no deposit is a bonus that does not require a financial commitment to claim. Instead, sign up and claim the prize from the online crypto casino. It is a rare bonus with a much smaller bonus amount compared to the other types.

It is a topic with more questions than answers because of the decentralization of cryptocurrencies. There are no specific laws regulating crypto gambling though it is important to note that a few countries already issue licenses to crypto casinos.

Probably fair means a system used in the crypto and bitcoin casinos (regular online casinos included) to check and verify the fairness of the outcomes of the game they offer. It involves the use of an algorithm to achieve this.