Bitcoin & Crypto no deposit casino bonuses 2023

Casino bonuses come in many sizes and in different forms. 

However, you will typically find that at many cryptos, BItcoin, or just ordinary casinos, the casino might entice you to make a deposit within it by offering you a match deposit bonus, a welcome bonus, or any other kind of bonus which is added to your account.

This occurs at the point in time when you make a deposit. One of the most popular types of casino bonuses is the bitcoin casino no deposit bonus. However, some casinos take things further by simply offering you a no deposit bonus. This is a bonus you essentially get without making any deposit or putting any money within the casino initially.

This is typically a bonus you get just by signing up for the casino or completing specific activities within the casino that do not involve you making a deposit.  As such, we are going to go over everything you need to know when it comes to the no deposit casino bonus.

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Guide to No Deposit Casino 

When gambling online, whenever a player ends up visiting a casino for the very first time in their life, it is normal that they might seem a bit skeptical surrounding the features, games, and overall service that is on offer at the casino. 

After all, aside from word-of-mouth or marketing, the best way to see if a casino is legitimate and safe to play in is to experience it and go over everything it has to offer prior to making an initial deposit within the casino. 

These bonuses might work with live casino games as-well, and could extend to be in the form of reload bonuses. No deposit bonuses are typically a unique type of bonus due to the fact that they offer an appealing way through which new players can experience specific games and offerings within a casino, even before they make a deposit with their own money.

Keep in mind, however, that this is typically a small bonus, but even despite this fact, it serves the role of attracting a lot of new players within a casino by guaranteeing them a free sum of money or an offer that has value, such as free spins, assuming they complete the terms and conditions which is set by an individual casino. As such, we are now going to go over the types of no deposit bonuses you will commonly find within casinos. 

Types of No Deposit Bonuses

Prior to going over the types of no deposit bonuses, it is important to understand that not every casino out there will offer them as an option. 

However, if you happen to come across a casino that does indeed offer no deposit bonuses, they will typically come in the form of no deposit cash bonuses, no deposit free spins, or no deposit time-restricted free spins.


No deposit cash bonus 

The no deposit cash bonus is typically the most common type of bonus you will find in casinos that are aiming to attract newcomer players within them. This is due to the fact that they essentially provide players with free cash, which they can utilize to bet on money, in which they can get real money in return for doing so.

However, it is important to note that in order for a player to receive the no deposit bonus. They would essentially need to create an account, or complete specific activities within the casino, all of which will not require them to make a deposit but need to be completed in order to claim the bonus. 

Additionally, these bonuses also come with huge wagering requirements, which is the amount of time the bonus needs to be wagered before the winnings gained from it can be withdrawn. 

Most of them can also be restricted to only work for specific games, such as slot games, and some of them might even have a limit on the maximum number of real money which can be won through their usage.  What this means is that they cannot be used in every single game out there. Players can use the bonuses, however, on all games that are listed by the casino as eligible on which the bonus can be used.


No deposit free spins

Then, we can move on to the no deposit free spins

These are typically given to players at the casino at the point in time when they initially create an account at the casino. However, they can also be used on some pre-selected games that are available across the entirety of the platform. 

Remember that these can be very beneficial in the minds of players due to the fact that whilst using them, players are given the opportunity to win money with them.This is despite the fact that they did not deposit real money in order to get them.The casino will typically give them out through an open platform or through the usage of a promotional code that the player can enter at the point in time when they create an account at the casino for the very first time. 

Keep in mind, however, that many casinos will typically restrict these free spins to only a handful of selected games. It is important to remember here, however, that most of the time, these free spins will come with some form of wagering requirements or terms and conditions which need to be met in order for the player to be able to withdraw their winnings gained from them.


No deposit, time-restricted free spins

Third, we will be going over the no deposit, time-restricted free spins. These are similar to the previous free spins we discussed; however, they have one more aspect to them, which makes them differentiate themselves. When players receive these time-restricted free spins, they are expected to complete the wagering requirements and utilize the free spins to their maximum potential throughout a pre-specified window of time or time frame. 

This offer will essentially expire if the players do not complete the usage of these free spins throughout the given time frame. These, however, do not come with any other wagering requirements most of the time as a means of balancing out the time frame. This time frame varies from casino to casino but can last from 7 days to 15 days, as an example.

How To Claim A No Deposit Casino Bonus

If you intend to claim and get access to the money, you are essentially offered and eligible to claim within the casino in the form of a no deposit bonus; in that case, this will typically be a procedure that is different based on the casino you are using, as well as the type of promotion that you aim to engage in. However, we will be going over the main things that a majority of casinos will ask you to do, which are steps that you can complete in order to get access to the no deposit casino bonus.

Create an Account

First, you will almost always be required to create a new account at a new casino in order for you to get access to the bonus in question here. This is a procedure that is typically fairly straightforward, as all you have to do is enter your email address, region, optionally your phone number for two-factor authentication (2FA), and set your password. However, some casinos will require you to do a bit more steps, and we will now go over those as well.

Enter a Promotional Code

In some casinos, you might be prompted to enter a promotional code, which can be in the form of letters, numbers, symbols, or a combination of all of those, which is only valid for a pre-specified time frame as well. If this isn’t the case, and you have not received the promised bonus by default within the casino after completing both of those steps, in that case, the casino might prompt you to contact the support team in order for you to get the bonus.

Most of the time, casinos will have a live chat support system or an email support system that works 24/7, where you can essentially ask for the bonus to get added to your account, and this is a procedure that can be completed within the span of minutes. 

Utilize Affiliate Sites

Then there are affiliate sites. Players that sign up through the utilization of an affiliate site will have to click on a pre-specified, unique link through which they can make an account for the casino, which will then activate the bonus.Each casino will have its own terms and conditions that have to be met by the players in order for them to be able to accept the bonus in question. This includes wagering requirements, which are needed to access the bonus. 

With all of this in mind, whenever a player ends up receiving an offer of a free, no deposit bonus, it is recommended that they go over the terms and conditions and always understand that it will typically be associated with some conditions that need to be met prior to providing the players with the opportunity to make a withdrawal of any real-money winnings. A player cannot withdraw the no deposit bonus, but they can withdraw the winnings that they have gotten through using that bonus when the wagering conditions are completed.

New Bitcoin Casinos with No Deposit Bonuses

As technology evolved, so did the casino industry. With the introduction of blockchain technology within numerous financial systems and the wave of decentralized finance (DeFi) powered by various blockchain networks there was an evolution in casino games and bonus money, as well as bonus codes and welcome bonus options.

We saw an evolution in the way through which players could now make deposits within online casinos. One such category of online casinos is the Bitcoin casino, with no deposit bonuses. The interesting aspect about these new Bitcoin casinos is the fact that you are given a no deposit bonus that you can use on games that are available at the casino without even making a deposit through the usage of the Bitcoin (BTC) cryptocurrency. 

However, the main reason why a player might have a genuine level of interest and a genuine curiosity about playing within these casinos is due to the fact that they enable players to make a withdrawal in the form of cryptocurrencies to their anonymous cryptocurrency wallet.

What this means is that a player can essentially create an account, get a no deposit bonus in the crypto and Bitcoin casino, complete the requirements and withdraw their winnings in the form of cryptocurrencies that are available within the casino.

This is what has been the main point of appeal found within Bitcoin casinos that feature no deposit bonuses as an option within them.

Why Should I Look for No Deposit Bonuses?

For a majority of players out there that decide to play within a new casino that they have never previously played in and as such might not be the most comfortable depositing their own real money into.

A no deposit bonus serves the role of a solid entry point through which they can experience many of the features and games within the casino, and receive a solid and fair experience even before they make an initial deposit.

This, in turn, would enable players to experience a vast amount of the gaming experiences on offer at the casino in a similar way as they would if they deposited some money in the first place.

Furthermore, these bonuses also enable players to win real money in the process and have a chance to withdraw it once they complete all of the wagering requirements and the terms and conditions of the specific no deposit bonus in question.

With all of this in mind, it is recommended that you look for a no deposit bonus within any casino that you end up visiting due to the fact that this bonus will provide you with easy access to real games and a chance for you to win, and withdraw real money without putting any of your own at risk.

What if I hit the jackpot on a no deposit bonus?

Whenever you claim a no deposit bonus at a specific casino, even in a cryptocurrency or in a Bitcoin casino, it is important for you to go over the various terms and conditions and wagering requirements surrounding it. 

It is well-known and clear that you can indeed win real money and withdraw it whenever you complete all of the requirements of the no deposit bonus. 

This has led many players with one simple question in mind, and that is the question if they can hit the jackpot and make a withdrawal of the jackpot with the no deposit bonus.There is a catch in the sense that most online casinos will typically have wagering requirements written in a way within their promotional terms and conditions, through which they can try to recoup some of their investment. 

Most of the time, a player will have to play through the full amount of the no deposit bonus, alongside any of the winnings from the hand, at least once before they can cash them out. There are even casinos that have a limit on the maximum number of money you can win with the no-deposit bonus, as well as offering no-deposit bonuses that have their own, slightly limited jackpot; They will typically pay out your prize and let you keep all of your winnings, without you having to make a deposit or wager if you complete all of the requirements. 

Remember that typically, a player will need a bankroll big enough to cover a very expensive bet. It is important to remain realistic about your options, depending on the bet size, the prize, and the terms and conditions of the ongoing promotion.

It is important to know that casinos will typically set limits on how much they are actually willing to pay out a player for this type of promotion, and as such, if you do not come close enough to meet these requirements or other limitations, you could get a limited outcome. In any case, always expect to receive handsome prizes at the online casino that hosts your account if you do indeed end up winning a lot with the no deposit bonus. Ensure that you always double-check the terms and conditions prior to claiming any offer.

Why Crypto Casinos Offer Free Bonuses?

The main reason why casinos might offer free bonuses to their players is to essentially provide an incentive for players to try out the games, features, and overall offerings found within a casino. 

When we take a look at the no deposit bonus specifically, the player is not required to connect their credit card most of the time, and they are not required to make a deposit of any amount of money within the casino. 

What this means is that their main objective is to claim the bonus and use it throughout games, with the goal of winning real money even without making a deposit. 

From the perspective of the casino, this is a way through which they can get a lot of new players in the casino, spinning the reels of slots games and making bets on table games or any other type of game where the no deposit bonus is eligible to be used, with the hopes of them enjoying the experience and sticking around to make a deposit eventually.

Are no deposit bonus offers actually free?

With a majority of no deposit bonuses that you will find on offer at many online casinos, you will notice that there is a caveat. In other words, no deposit bonuses will typically come with wagering requirements, which are high in some cases, and other bonus terms that a player needs to meet in order for them to be eligible to make a withdrawal on any of the winnings they have gained throughout their various gameplay and betting sessions. 

Bitcoin casino bonuses are great, especially when it comes to bitcoin gambling.The casino account, if new, will be able to get the bitcoin casino welcome bonus through the bitcoin casino bonus codes.There are plenty of good offers available within online casinos, assuming the player knows what to look out for. 

There are even no deposit bonuses that come with no strings attached and have no wagering requirements, but these are typically limited in terms of the amount a player gets and are rare.


Things to Keep in Mind

Many casinos will offer you free bitcoins, however, with a deposit required. 

Some might want you to use deposit codes for games such as vegas slot, while others will offer you free crypto in the form of monthly bonuses at a fresh casino, a new bitcoin casino, for a specific slot game. 

Many new online casino options out there will however, require you to deposit money to play online slots on a new casino account, in the form of a registration bonus for your first deposit. Bitcoin gambling sites will typically have many bitcoin games on offer, but you will receive a bonus percentage with your first deposit bonuses pack and essentially get, in a way, free money.


The most common form of a no deposit bonus is typically tailored towards new players only. What this means is that this no deposit bonus is given out as a promotion from the casino, in the form of a sign-up bonus or as a code bonus.

Players that do indeed accept the no deposit bonus can gamble with it and play various games with it. If they win real money with the bonus, they are fully able to withdraw it when they complete all of the wagering requirements and conditions.

Players cannot directly withdraw the no deposit bonus. 

However, they can make a withdrawal of any of the winnings gained through the usage of the no deposit bonus, assuming they meet all of the conditions.

It is possible to claim multiple bonuses and offerings within a casino. 

However, you will typically only have no deposit bonus as availability, and the others will be in the form of a deposit bonus, welcome bonus, top-up or refill bonus, or a loyalty bonus.

Each casino will typically have its own procedure when it comes to applying for its no-deposit bonus offering. Typically, in Bitcoin casinos that do offer the no deposit bonus, all you would have to do is either create an account at the official casino website and during the sign-up procedure, enter a promotional code that you would gain from either the promotional page directly or through a referral link.