Best online casinos accepting Monero (XMR) 2023

In the world we live in, fiat money is far from secure, so most individuals turn to cryptocurrencies. With the rise in popularity of this exciting industry, many online casinos are beginning to integrate digital currencies for online gambling. The result is the so-called crypto casinos.

One of those crypto betting sites is the Monero casinos. These Monero betting sites have been tremendously rising in popularity, which is why they piqued the interest of our team of experts. After researching tons of data about these online casinos and trying them out, we came up with some interesting takeaways. 

Keep reading to learn the most crucial things about the Monero online casinos, allowing yourself to use them to their full potential. Below, you can do your own due diligence and check out the best casinos listed where you can enjoy exceptional games. 


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Are the best Monero casinos safe?

Before we get into something else, the first thing we have to unveil is if gambling online is safe in the different Monero casinos. 

You should already know that the gambling industry is a fierce space, and not all betting sites are legit. However, if this is the case with the various Monero casinos, the percentage of the malicious platforms is much lower.

You don’t have to worry because most Monero casino sites will be completely safe and secure. But, of course, here at Playcryptocasinos, we will only provide you with access to the best Monero gambling websites. 

All of them are licensed by reputable casino gaming regulators, ensuring these sites provide a safe environment where you can enjoy grand casino provably fair games.   

Pros and cons of using XMR for gambling

To get the best that the XMR digital currency offers for gambling, you will first need to dive into the positives and negatives that come along with that. 

Once the list is in front of you, you can easily decide if Monero casinos are suitable for your style.


  • Full Anonymity
  • Quick Transactions
  • Top-Notch Quality Casino Games
  • Low Fees
  • Enormous First Deposit Bonus
  • Advanced Security Using Private Keys


  • Untraceable Transactions
  • Unlimited Monero Supply

Online gambling games you can play using XMR coins

The Monero casinos are among the newest additions to the world of crypto games. You will have to pay close attention to the most crucial section of an online casino – its gaming selection. 

So, before you are ready to ditch fiat money, we have to unveil a decent selection of great games you can find in a Monero casino. 

Our team of experienced gamblers carefully reviewed which types of casino games the different Monero casinos had to offer, and it’s safe to say they were impressed with what they found. 

Despite these innovative gambling sites being so new, their gaming selection can easily be compared to the ones in many already established conventional casino sites. 

But what is the reason behind this? After more profound research, we found out that most Monero casinos have established partnerships with leading game providers like Microgaming, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Playtech, and more. 

As a result, these providers supply these platforms with top-notch Monero games. Let’s take a specific look into some of the provably fair gambling opportunities you can enjoy in a Monero casino. 


The best online casino platforms will always be the ones that provide their users with the best slot gaming selection. Slot machines are among the most popular casino games among players because they don’t require any skill, yet the potential profits can be enormous.

And the best thing is that most slots can get you a significant win after just a tiny amount invested from your side. 

The most popular slot games in the industry always provide players with an exceptional gambling experience due to fantastic graphics, high-quality sound effects, and intriguing stories. 

You should appreciate the Monero casino slot gaming selection because of the numerous Monero slot machines that easily fit that definition. 


Roulette will remain one of the provably fair games where players are constantly putting their gambling skills and luck to the limit. 

However, what makes the game so exciting are the various winning opportunities and paths you can take to have some fun and potentially even bank in some significant profits. 

In practice, we can say that this is a bit easier in the different Monero casinos because of all the roulette game versions offered there. 

Aside from the traditional roulette versions like the European, American, and French, you can also play online casino games like Lightning Roulette, Multi-Wheel Roulette, and even Two-Ball Roulette. 

Each of those provides a thrilling experience you have never had before, with much more significant winning opportunities and an immersive environment where you can quickly dive into the art of the roulette game. 


Even the best casinos in the industry struggle to provide players with a decent video poker selection. But this is not quite the case when it comes to a casino platform that accepts Monero. 

Luckily for you, Monero gamblers can enjoy one of the most exciting video poker sections, where you can effortlessly only play provably fair games. 

That’s how you won’t have to worry about the result and instead enjoy the selection of video poker games provided and play responsibly. Of course, the video poker selection in a Monero casino is still under 30-40 games, but this is plenty, considering their high quality. 


Even if blackjack is a game that requires a lot of skill, many beginner players get hooked after learning its straightforward rules. 

If you want to play blackjack in any of the Monero casinos, you are in luck. We were pretty impressed after reviewing the blackjack games that the best Monero casinos offer. 

First of all, the rough number of games was pretty decent, allowing people to have a lot of freedom regarding their choice of what version of the game they wanted to play. 

Although this is not too significant compared to other casinos in the industry, the quality of these games makes the difference in favor of the Monero crypto casinos. 

Instead of tossing around as many games as possible, the Monero faucets had decided to bet on quality headlines above everything else. 

This decision has paid off because most Monero casinos we came across had an extensive yet top-notch quality selection of this type of game. 


Dice is the perfect game for all beginner gamblers, just like scratch cards. Even if you have never engaged in any betting before, you can quickly buy Monero and engage in a game of dice. Dice games are easy because of their straightforward rules. 

There is only one scenario you are after when engaging with this game, and this is to throw two identical numbers before a seven is thrown on the table. 

If that sounds simple enough, you are probably ready to try your luck and engage with some dice gambling in any casino listed on our platform. And you don’t even need to send money if you are using specific Monero bonuses. 


Plinko is one of those mini-games that have been gaining popularity outside of the major exchanges of Monero. However, due to how Plinko has been growing lately, we can now spot many Monero casinos integrating it into their selection of gaming headlines. 

Therefore, the chances are that you are hearing about Plinko for the first time, so we will briefly explain it in the following lines. 

This game strongly represents pinball in terms of gameplay and design. The game is played with a small ball that goes through many obstacles before reaching the available three sets of multipliers. 

Before the game, you choose which set of multipliers you want to play, and after you select your bet, the small ball will determine if you either lose or win. 


One of the games that have been steadily taking over numerous gaming platforms in the last year is crash. But looking at the mechanics of the game and the winning opportunities it provides, this is not all that surprising. 

That said, it seems that Monero casino sites had spotted the trend’s popularity, which is why our team found a few versions of the crash game in some of the best Monero casinos. 

In case you are not aware, crash is an automatic casino game that can potentially bring you returns of thousands of times your initial bet. Still, you will have to believe this scenario before the particular round of the game starts. 

You will first have to choose the multiplier where you want to cash out, and if the game reaches it, this is as high as you can go. 

Even if the score goes much higher, you will always be limited to the amount of your chosen multiplier. This makes the game of crash such an exciting option for most gamblers in the best Monero casinos. 

Monero casino bonuses 

It’s evident how Monero transactions are seamless and quick. However, this won’t mean too much if you can’t take full advantage of them. And the best way to do this is by claiming the different available Monero casino bonuses.

These offers will make your gambling experience much more thrilling and effortless by providing you with enormous deposit bonus funds after you deposit Monero for the first time. 

By going through the three best Monero bonuses you can claim as a new customer, you will understand what we mean. 

Welcome bonuses

Arguably the best Monero casino bonus is the welcome bonus offer. So naturally, this is a type of deposit bonus that can be claimed only once from every new customer of the particular crypto gambling platform. 

The joining offer is usually divided between a few Monero deposits. The first deposit bonus will usually be the most significant, but there will be other ones on top of that as well. In other words, you will need to make at least a few Monero payments to exploit the joining deposit bonus to the fullest. 

Even if that may sound like a hassle, we strongly recommend it because the bonus funds you can get from a Monero casino welcome offer will provide you with a significant head start in your gambling endeavor. 

The only thing you will have to consider strongly is the wagering requirements that come hand in hand with the particular welcome bonus. 

No deposit bonuses

The no deposit bonus is the best offer you can claim if you don’t plan to use your Monero wallet right away. When claiming a no deposit offer, the casino will provide you with free funds that you can use on all the Monero poker, Monero roulette games, and whatever comes to your liking. 

Once you complete the wagering requirements for this particular offer, you will finally be ready for other transactions, or more specifically, for your first withdrawal. 

Free spins

Free spins are a great way to explore a particular Monero casino without investing too much to take advantage of various deposit bonus offers. 

The free spins promotions are straightforward. They either come in a package with a welcome bonus or separately. Either way, the number and size of these spins will vary from platform to platform. 

Just like with all the other deposit bonus offers, you must keep in mind to check the terms and conditions and if the particular promotion has any wagering requirement. Most free spins are valid only for a few specific Monero slots, but it won’t hurt if you make sure beforehand. 


Monero casinos might be among the best in the crypto betting industry regarding anonymity. If this is something you are heavily into, we strongly recommend claiming your first deposit bonus in any casino sites we provide and giving yourself a great head start. 

After all, the best Monero casinos offer their players some of the best casino gaming headlines in the industry, primarily focusing on quality rather than quantity. But it can’t be any other way, as these options come from some of the best game providers in the gaming industry. 

On top of the top-notch gaming selection, the Monero casinos have fantastic VIP program communities. You can get exclusive rewards, additional deposit bonus offers, gifts sent at home, etc.

Alternatives to XMR casinos

You know that the XMR casinos provide their new players with fantastic first deposit bonus offers and many other perks. 

However, you might feel like these gambling platforms, in particular, don’t suit you too well. In that case, many alternatives can potentially be just suitable for your betting style and preferences. So let’s check them out below.

More popular alternatives

Bitcoin casinos

Bitcoin casinos are among the most popular you can choose online because of their advanced security. 

BTC transactions are widely known to be among the safest globally, and if this is something essential for you, these gambling sites are surely recommended. 

Ethereum casinos 

Many financial experts suggest that Ethereum will eventually overtake Bitcoin as the leading cryptocurrency. 

But even if this doesn’t happen, ETH casinos still provide quicker transactions because of their excellent blockchain ecosystem. 

So in case you are after stability and lightning-fast payments, Ethereum casinos will be your thing. 

Litecoin casinos 

In the last year, Litecoin casinos have begun to get underestimated because of the drop in LTC prices. 

However, our experts don’t doubt that Litecoin will return to its previous fame as one of the cryptocurrencies with the most potential. 

The Litecoin casinos still provide quick transactions and advanced security, which is a mix many players are actively chasing. 

Dogecoin casinos 

Despite being labeled a meme coin, DOGE has been one of the best-performing digital currencies for 2021. 

Even with the current markets, the trend is expected to continue, seeing Dogecoin surging through the top places of the crypto world. 

All that, along with the instant transactions and low fees, make Dogecoin casinos an excellent option for all gamblers. 

Bitcoin Cash casinos 

Bitcoin Cash casinos are another alternative that provides stability and advanced security. After all, BCH is a Bitcoin spinoff. So you can’t expect many differences between the two blockchain networks. 

The only difference is that you can get Bitcoin Cash at a much lower price, a deal-breaker for many gambling enthusiasts. 

Less popular alternatives

The crypto casinos we went through above are some of the best you can choose in the gambling industry. 

However, getting familiar with some of the less known innovative cryptocurrency gambling sites won’t hurt. We will provide you with a list of them below: 


Monero casinos are online gambling platforms where players have to use their Monero wallet to monitor transactions successfully. 

The Monero crypto payments work when players have a combination of unique Monero wallets, ring signatures, and stealth addresses. The actual payment process is almost automatic, and you only need the Monero address where you will send the funds. 

Monero gambling sites are entirely legal. Moreover, most of them are licensed by various gambling regulators, which is a clear sign of their reliability. 

The Monero casino sites are popular among gamblers because of the total anonymity they provide. Monero transactions are quick and untraceable at their core, which are two highly-rated qualities in today’s gambling financial world.