Best online casinos accepting Stellar (XLM) 2023

The online gambling industry has been steadily rising for the last few years. However, we have reached the point where the traditional online casinos have begun to face various issues connected with players’ security, processing of payments, gaming glitches, and many more. But even when this is the case, it’s good to know that there are now other online gambling sites we can count on. 

These are the Stellar online casinos. These sites are different from traditional casinos as they use the incredible features of cryptocurrency for gambling purposes. However, there are many platforms where you can gamble online with Stellar, so our team of experts from Playcrypto casino will provide you only with the best Stellar XLM gambling platforms for 2022.

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Are Stellar casinos safe?

Most players have probably already heard of cryptocurrencies in some way. But the ones that usually follow into that category are Bitcoin and Ethereum. So, the real question here is just how reliable these Stellar gambling platforms are, and how possibly can we buy Stellar to take a shot in the dark and enter a new world of online gambling? 

Many of you might not know this, but Stellar is among the best cryptocurrencies you can use in the industry when it comes to transaction functionality. This means that XLM can be integrated into numerous companies and establishments and that the Stellar gambling transactions will be the perfect addition to most of the top online casinos. 

That’s possible because of the great ecosystem of cryptocurrency. As a result, the Stellar network has been used more and more for online gaming, making Stellar XLM one of the underlying crypto kings of the whole gambling industry. So, as long as a reputable gambling commision licenses a particular Stellar casino, you can be sure that it’s safe and legit. 

Pros and cons of using XLM for gambling

Lately, Stellar casinos have been among the crypto gambling platforms with the highest demand. But on top of all the benefits, they still have some cons you need to be aware of.


  • Quick Transactions
  • Low Fees
  • Stable Price
  • Excellent Gaming Selection
  • Generous Welcome Bonuses
  • Low Price


  • Fluctuate Price
  • Still Not Established Enough

Casino games you can play using XLM coins

We have already learned that the XLM casino sites are among the best in the industry in terms of functionality. However, this won’t mean too much if the real money casino games that players can enjoy on these sites aren’t good enough. 

After all, the sole reason players join any traditional casino site is to enjoy the games there. With that in mind, let’s go through some of the most popular types of exciting games you can exploit in the XLM online casinos.


The first games you will always come across firstly in the best Stellar casino are the slot machines. The first reason is that slots are generally the most popular casino games around. But the other reason to see these games first in a Stellar casino is that their selection is just enormous. 

It’s only natural for most traditional online casino platforms to have extensive slot selection. But with the Stellar casinos, the situation is crazier. In some Stellar gambling platforms, we could easily find more than 1,000 slot casino games, which is easily more than the whole gaming selection in some platforms.

This shows how extensive the selection of slots is in a Stellar casino site. When we were searching for the reason for that, we found out that most Stellar gambling sites are closely cooperating with numerous of the best casino gaming providers. This allows them to create an extensive portfolio of slot casino games of exceptional quality. 


Roulette is one of the Stellar casino games that will always provide you with an exciting gaming experience full of thrilling emotions. What makes the game so popular among numerous gamblers is the fact there are enormous winning opportunities, and you can significantly impact your results at the tables when implementing the proper strategy. 

However, you can also increase your winnings by playing the best versions of the roulette game. But are they available in a typical Stellar casino? 

Our team researched just that, and we concluded that the roulette gaming selection of the Stellar casinos is easily even better than the one in traditional online casinos. So, you will have plenty of room to try out different strategies and experiments. 


If you want to play an online casino so that it’s not so stress-packed when you are constantly seeking profits, video poker might be among the best options you can choose. 

The video poker game is not all that fast-paced like many other casino games, so you can easily use it to relax and enjoy Stellar gambling in your free time.

The selection of video poker games on the best Stellar sites is impressive, so you will have plenty of space when choosing the correct game for you in particular. 


When it comes to online casino games, blackjack is quickly on top of the list of most players. With such popularity, it would be a disgrace for the Stellar casinos not to provide table games of this kind. However, when our team checked out the Stellar gambling selection for blackjack, we were pretty impressed by what they found. 

It seems that, just like with the video slots, the selection of blackjack is among the most extensive in the industry. At a proper Stellar gambling platform, you can easily come across more than one hundred versions of the game. Moreover, they include both provably fair games and live dealer games. But even this is not the most impressive feat of the blackjack section at Stellar crypto platforms. 

But what made an even better first impression was the quality of the live table games. They provided players with mesmerizing graphics and clear sound effects that contribute to a truly immersive gaming experience. Still, this wasn’t surprising after learning these games come from Evolution Gaming. After all, Evolution is widely considered the best casino game developer in the crypto world. 


Dice may not be as popular as the previous two casino games we encountered, but it remains one of the pillar games in all online gambling platforms. However, the biggest issue with dice games is that most aren’t top-notch, so many gaming platforms neglect them.

But this isn’t relevant when it comes to a typical Stellar casino. Once we visited the selection of dice games across the various online casino sites that accept Stellar, we were immediately impressed by the quality of the available dice games there. 

The selection of these games wasn’t very different compared to other platforms, but in terms of quality and gaming experience, the Stellar dice games are on another level. That’s how we also found out that the live casino games in this section again come from Evolution Gaming, which clearly explains everything. 


Plinko is not among the casino games that most players are looking for when they want to enjoy some gambling online. That’s mainly because it’s a relatively new casino headline that’s still not as popular as other Stellar casino games. But this will probably change in the future, especially considering how exciting and different plinko is. 

The game can be played in all XLM casinos, so you should try it if possible. Your main goal when playing plinko is to choose the multipliers that will bring you the most significant profits while simultaneously managing the risk, so you increase your chances of turning in some profits. 


Crash is one of the games that you will always have fun with, no matter the type of XLM casino you are playing. What makes crash such an exciting option for most gamblers is the incredible winning opportunities that the game provides. When you are playing crash, you can potentially multiply your bet thousands of times, which is a type of win that can be compared to the winnings from progressive jackpot slots. 

The best thing is that you almost don’t need any skills to play crash. You need to be aware of your chances and choose the particular multiplier where you want to cash out. Everything else is in the hands of destiny and luck. 

XLM casino bonuses

The Stellar crypto gaming platforms provide some of the most generous bonus offers in the gambling industry. Some of these offers can bring your gambling experience to the next level, significantly increasing the size of your initial bankroll and simultaneously your chances of acquiring some winnings. 

There are three types of bonus offers that you will inevitably encounter in every online Stellar gambling site. To take full advantage of these platforms’ bonus opportunities, you need to learn everything you can about these offers. So let’s look through them in the following lines. 

Welcome bonuses 

The welcome bonus offer is the first promotion you will always claim after creating your account in a Stellar gambling platform. After getting the offer, most XLM casinos will provide you with a welcome match bonus of 100 or even 200%, meaning you will double or triple the amount of your initial deposit. But a welcome bonus package like that doesn’t come without any requirements and rules of use. 

Most welcome bonuses will always have significant wagering requirements attached, and you should also keep in mind that you must complete them in a fixed period. But if you are a player who likes to enjoy the Stellar gambling opportunities constantly, the wagering of the bonus package is not something you should be overthinking about. 

No deposit bonuses 

Unlike welcome bonuses, the no deposit offers will provide you with some bonus funds you can use immediately, even without using your Stellar web wallets. You only need to create your account and claim the offer. If you bank some winnings through gambling, there will probably be a tiny wagering requirement to clear before you can withdraw the amount. 

Free spins 

In the Stellar XLM casinos, free spins are one of the most exciting promotions for most players. Unlike the big welcome bonus offers, these rarely require any Stellar deposit from the players’ side. Free spins literally provide you with an investment-free opportunity to take some winnings home. The only thing you need to be aware of with free spins are the wagering requirements on your winnings. 


XLM gambling sites are among the best XLM casino gambling platforms you can use if you want a flawless and exciting experience when you play online casino. These digital currency sites provide players with some of the best deposit match bonuses, advanced security, generous reload bonuses, and almost instant Stellar transactions. 

In traditional casinos, it’s not possible to get your hands on any of these features, which automatically makes every Stellar gaming platform rise head and shoulders above the rest. 

And when we add the fact that Stellar software wallets transactions are free, you can understand why the Stellar gambling experience has such a high demand and many players want to buy Stellar immediately to use in an XLM casino. 

Alternatives to ETH casinos

If, for some reason, you don’t want to receive Stellar payouts or the structure of these crypto coins is not the best for you, there are always casino sites that provide a generous welcome bonus package, along with other exceptional perks. 

More popular alternatives

Bitcoin casinos 

Bitcoin casinos are the online betting sites that virtually offer the most secure environment for online gambling. The advanced security of the BTC blockchain network is unmatched and constantly labeled as the most secure payment method globally. 

On top of that, these sites provide generous bonuses, vast gaming selection, many gaming providers, and quick transactions. So, is there something else you might want from an online casino? 

Ethereum casinos 

Ethereum casinos are popular among gamblers because of the unique ecosystem of their coin. That ecosystem is being improved early, as the most significant holders of ETH can even suggest changes and improvements. These actions guarantee stability for years, and when the coin is so secure, it’s always an excellent option for gamblers. 

Litecoin casinos

Litecoin casinos aren’t among the most popular platforms in the gambling industry. However, this doesn’t mean they don’t provide players with much value. Usually, the games in these casinos are of the highest quality, which always guarantees you an exciting gaming experience. On top of that, there are always the regular crypto perks you can exploit as a player. 

Dogecoin casinos

Dogecoin casinos are not among the safest crypto gaming platforms in the industry. It’s widely known that the Doge project was created as a joke. 

Surprisingly, the coin receives quite a lot of support from various celebrities and entrepreneurs, including Elon Musk. With that, it’s hard to predict where the coin is heading. But at the moment, it’s a fantastic option for online gambling because of the quick and cheap transactions. 

Bitcoin Cash casinos 

Bitcoin Cash casinos are basically the same as the Bitcoin gambling sites. They both share identical ecosystems and blockchain technologies. 

Their security features are the same, and the processing times of the various BTC and BCH transactions are similar. There are also no differences in gaming selections in these casinos, which makes the BCH gaming platforms just as good as the Bitcoin ones. 

Less popular alternatives

You should strive to join one of the most popular types of crypto gaming sites where you can exploit great reload bonuses, instant transactions, and many more. But if the Stellar deposit option is not your thing, there are some more crypto casino sites you can choose from. Check them out below: 


The casino sites that accept Stellar are new online gaming platforms that rely solely on cryptocurrencies for all their transactions.

The crypto transactions in the XLM casinos go through the unique blockchain network of the digital coin. The network users approve each transaction, and there isn’t anything additional you need to do after proceeding with a particular trade. Like other payment methods, the only thing you need for XLM transactions is hardware Stellar wallets. 

Stellar is one of the cryptocurrencies that provide the quickest and cheapest transactions globally. This is by no means a small feat, which clearly shows the reliability of the project. As long as a Stellar online casino is licensed, you can be sure it provides a safe environment for gambling. 

Stellar casino sites are popular because of the virtually free transactions they provide. On top of that, all your deposits and withdrawals with your Stellar wallet will be almost instant.