Best online casinos accepting Ripple (XRP) 2023

The gambling industry has seen tremendous growth in the last few years. New online casinos are being created every day, which makes a significant issue that players have to deal with. The top game providers in the casino space are often missing from some of the newest gaming platforms, which makes these sites questionable. 

That’s also the situation with the new crypto casinos. These platforms quickly became one of the first options you can choose if you want to play online casino games. But it’s tough to choose from the abundance of opportunities, especially when it goes down to the exciting sites that operate on the Ripple network. 

Our team of experts at Playcryptocasinos works hard to test and review all the different XRP gambling sites. You can find all the information concerning crypto gambling and how to take full advantage of its opportunities.

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Are Ripple online casinos safe?

According to many financial institutions and experts, Ripple is one of the cryptocurrencies with the most significant potential. 

That’s because of the unique ecosystem of digital currencies that allows instant transfers between the owners of the Ripple wallet. With such an impressive payment method and network at hand, the XRP casinos are some of the best in the industry. 

Not only the Ripple casino platforms are safe, but they offer one of the most secure environments for online gambling in general. 

Because of all that, the top Ripple gambling sites are always licensed by various gambling regulators. Some of these platforms even hold licenses from several of these regulators, which is a clear sign of their reliability and trustworthiness.

In the beginning, some players might be skeptical of using the XRP deposits and the currency exchange network to make various transactions. If fiat currencies are the only payment method you have ever used before, that’s usually. 

However, all that skepticism will disappear once you better understand how the XRP network allows you to send money. All Ripple deposits are constantly going through the Ripple blockchain network, which only connects its users. 

In other words, there aren’t any third-party organizations or corporations that have control over the processing of your transactions. You will always be directly connected to the user or platform you want to send money to. 

This creates a whole new level of security that the financial world has never seen before. This is why the Ripple online casinos are among the best platforms where you can enjoy provably fair games. 

Pros and cons of using XRP for gambling

Using XRP for gambling has many benefits, but this is only one side of the story. To grasp the opportunities you can exploit with these casinos, and you also need to be aware of the cons of this type of gambling. We will present both of them below:


  • Instant Transactions
  • Low Fees
  • Incredible Live Casino Gaming Selection
  • Rewarding VIP Programs
  • Excellent Investing Opportunity
  • Unique Blockchain Ecosystem


  • Unstable Price

Casino games you can play using XRP coins

After learning about the exceptional perks and features of the Ripple casinos when it comes to their payment system, the next crucial thing to check out is the selection of casino games you can enjoy on these innovative gambling platforms. 

This is something our team of gaming experts has researched in detail and will provide you with the fruits of their hard work in the following lines. 

After analyzing the various XRP casino platforms, we concluded that the gaming selection could easily rival some of the best traditional casinos in the online gambling industry. 

That’s a bold claim, but what does this mean in practice? Most Ripple casinos offer thousands of different games that you can immediately dive into after creating your casino account. But what makes it even better is the high quality of all these games. 

Almost every casino game you play on a Ripple site will provide you with a unique gaming experience. 

With that in mind, let’s go through some of the different casino games you can enjoy in the best Ripple casinos. 


Slot games are among the most popular casino headlines you can enjoy on an online gambling platform. But this is entirely understandable. These games don’t require any skill. They are almost automatic and have the potential to bring significant profits. Is there something better than that? 

The best crypto casinos in the industry, where the XRP gambling sites undoubtedly belong, provide their players with some of the most exciting slot games you can come across. 

And when you are using Ripple casinos online, you ensure you will have the best possible gaming experience. 

Mainly, that’s because of the extensive selection of slot types you can enjoy on these innovative platforms. 

So when we come from three-reel slots, go through the five-reel virtual machines and end with the multi-reel pokies, you have everything at your disposal for a genuinely remarkable betting experience. 

What impressed our team the most was the quality of the progressive slots. These games, in particular, offered incredible winning opportunities and features, which can potentially bring you significant profits. 


Roulette games have always been on top of the list for many gamers worldwide. Therefore, we can say that roulette is among the most recognizable names in the crypto betting industry. It will come as great news that in an XRP casino, you can enjoy all the best games that online casinos, in general, can offer. 

The roulette gaming selection on these platforms was far from limited. We can point out that the diversity is way better than the average for the crypto gambling industry. 

We concluded that the best Ripple online casinos could offer hundreds of different roulette versions, including European roulette, American roulette, French roulette, and even more attractive games like Two ball roulette and Multi-wheel roulette, and many more. 


If you are on the verge of joining a casino site that accept XRP, our statement about video poker might be the deciding factor. 

There are many online casino platforms where players can’t enjoy the exciting game of video poker. There aren’t too many game providers in this industry that offer video poker headlines. So, many platforms are struggling while offering these games. 

But this is not an issue in the best Ripple casinos. After going through the gaming selection of the various XRP casino sites, we spotted that the choice of video poker games was unusually vast. There were tens of different versions of poker, which is significant compared to most online casino sites, where the selection of these games is usually well under ten.

Indeed, this was impressive, but we were amazed by their quality after testing the fair games. The graphics and sound effects of these XRP poker games were exceptional, providing players with a fantastic gaming experience. 

Moreover, the betting limits in most games were high, and there were huge payouts possible. That’s everything a video poker lover might ever want. 


Blackjack will always be one of the favorite strategy games for many players who like to enjoy gambling in traditional online casinos. 

However, there might already be a much better opportunity for platforms that use Ripple XRP. Why is that? It seems that the best Ripple casinos aren’t limited when it comes to the diversity of their gaming selection.

And this was indeed the case with the provably fair blackjack games. So we checked many XRP casinos, only to conclude that Ripple casinos provide players with blackjack gaming selections containing hundreds of blackjack versions. 

Even if we suppose that the quality of these games wasn’t the best, an extensive selection like this will satisfy almost every betting enthusiast. 

But after some additional research on the live casino opportunities in the blackjack section, we were taken back once again. 

Most of the blackjack live casino gaming headlines in the different Ripple labs come from Evolution Gaming, the best game developer specifically for live casino games. 

This essentially means that you can enjoy all the top-notch blackjack games in the industry on the best Ripple casino platforms. And we should point out that very few online casinos can achieve a feat like this, which shows off the opportunities a crypto casino provides.


Oddly enough, many players don’t like overly complicated casino games. This is why dice is arguably one of the most popular among beginner gamblers. The game rules are straightforward, the gaming experience is fun, and almost anyone can learn to play it in minutes.

But even if dice are so popular, most conventional casino site platforms don’t provide too many game versions for their users. 

Usually, there is only one dice game if it’s available. But in the best Ripple casinos, the situation is a bit different. From the information we gathered, we can confidently say that most Ripple casino sites indeed offer dice as a playing option. 

Moreover, the best casinos offer a few different dice versions, often with both RNG and live casino versions. This provides players with a whole new lot of opportunities to exploit and enjoy their experience to the fullest. 

But the surprises don’t end here. Among the live casino games in the best Ripple casinos, we encountered dice games from Evolution Gaming. 

These headlines are among the most exciting in the industry, so if you are a player who loves live casino gaming and dice games, the XRP casino will be the perfect option for you. 


Plinko is not like the traditional casino game you will always encounter when you want to engage in some gambling online. This is a game getting more popular in the last few years, mainly outside of the online casino sites. 

However, that doesn’t mean plinko is not an exciting game that can become just as popular as other games like blackjack or roulette. 

This is possible as plinko is a game where players can constantly make cashouts, even when they are losing. What do we mean by that? Plinko is a game that is based on multipliers. There are three sets of multipliers in each game you can choose from. 

After choosing the multipliers you want to play with and selecting your bet size, the game will reveal the result. 

This happens with a small ball that goes through many obstacles, landing on a particular value multiplier. Even with the worst possible outcome, you will still get 20-30% of your stake back. This is pretty good, considering you can sometimes hit 50-100x winning multipliers. 


Without a doubt, crash will be one of the provably fair games that will dominate the XRP casinos in the future. 

This is a game where you don’t even need to use enormous welcome bonus offers, as the winning opportunities can be significant. Crash is also a game that is connected with multipliers, but its format is a bit different. 

Before the game, you select your bet and the multiplier where you want to cash out. Later, you can cash out only at the selected price after the round begins. 

If the game crashes before reaching that level, you lose your bet. But whenever this requirement is met, you immediately cash out at the desired price. 

But when you think about it, that’s truly the beauty of Ripple betting. When you are playing crash, the only limits are the ones you set on yourself. So even if the game reaches a multiplier of 100x, you will only win up to the amount you had selected. 

You have to be very careful when choosing the multiplier where you want to cash out. But it’s pretty much up to luck at the end of the day, so you shouldn’t get too carried away. 

XRP casino bonuses

Claiming a significant deposit bonus is among the best things you can do when beginning your gaming experience in a Ripple casino. 

Using Ripple bonuses will allow you to test the betting limits of these platforms and increase your chances of success when playing the various provably fair games. 

But before you can do that effortlessly, you need to go through the deposit bonus offers that the number one Ripple casino sites have to offer. 

Welcome bonuses

The welcome bonus will always be the first deposit bonus offer you come across when playing in a true flip casino. 

These promotions are only available for new players, and they always require a Ripple deposit for activation. But even if you have to invest some funds to trigger these deposit bonus offers, it’s well worth it. 

The welcome bonus in most crypto casinos will double or sometimes even triple your initial deposit amount, which is remarkable and will significantly increase your chances to bank in significant profits. Moreover, in this case, the thrilling gaming experience is pretty much guaranteed. 

But even if a particular welcome bonus offer seems fantastic, our team strongly suggests you check its terms and conditions and wagering requirements to ensure you won’t have any issues following these rules. 

That’s how you can have a great experience when using a welcome bonus, even in a Bitcoin Cash live casino. 

No deposit bonuses 

The no deposit bonuses are not too significant, but they will quickly become your favorite once you taste them. Usually, a casino platform that accepts Ripple will often provide promotional offers. But, as the name suggests, this is a no deposit bonus you get without any attachments. 

In other words, you don’t have to make any deposits like you would with a joining offer or a reload bonus offer. 

Instead, you have to claim the offer and enjoy the games you like playing. Of course, some no deposit offer bonuses will require you to meet a wagering requirement, but aside from that, these offers are very straightforward and provide a fun gaming experience. 

Free spins 

Free spins are usually offered to have some fun. But in some Ripple XRP sites, this might not be too accurate to say. 

Of course, you will always have fun with bonus offers like these, but the various Ripple casinos provide very generous free spins offers, creating many winning opportunities. 

Usually, free spins bonuses like these can be claimed through the VIP program or other deposit bonus opportunities. But some free spins bonuses are outside the VIP program, and you don’t even need to make deposits for them. 

The best thing about these offers is that the free spins can be used in some of the best slots in the industry, pretty much ensuring you will have a thrilling betting experience. 

The free spins bonuses will be enormous in some of the best XRP casino sites, and all your winnings will be subject to a wagering requirement. Therefore, we recommend checking these terms before you claim any promotional offers. 


Ripple casinos are among the best crypto gambling sites you can choose. The unique ecosystem of a casino that accepts Ripple is genuinely unique and allows all gamblers to take advantage of the benefits that XRP provides fully. 

Among many others, it stands out that the best Ripple casinos offer instant transactions and advanced security. 

In terms of pure gambling experience, we can point out the extensive selection of games in many categories, especially in live casino gaming.  

But that’s not a surprise, considering the best Ripple casinos partner with numerous game developers, including Evolution Gaming. 

We just need to mention the fantastic VIP program of most XRP casino sites that offers exclusive bonuses, free spins, cashback, and many more exciting perks.

Alternatives to XRP casinos

As you can see, XRP casinos provide many fantastic benefits you can exploit, starting today. But if there is something that doesn’t resonate with you too much, you might want to look for another crypto betting platform.

Luckily, there are many opportunities regarding that matter. We will look through some of them below.

More popular alternatives

Bitcoin casinos 

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency with the most significant market capitalization. In the last few years, numerous institutions have begun to accept BTC as a payment method. 

This fact, along with the advanced security and quick transactions, makes Bitcoin casinos an excellent option for worldwide gamblers. 

Ethereum casinos

Ethereum is another very popular cryptocurrency. Sitting the second place in Coinmarketcap, ETH has plenty of potential because of its unique blockchain system. 

The Ethereum transactions are even quicker than Bitcoin’s, and the fees are lower. This makes the ETH gambling sites an excellent option for betting enthusiasts. 

Litecoin casinos 

Litecoin has been one of the most trusted cryptocurrencies in the last few years. Even if the last few months saw LTC prices drop more than 50%, the unique ecosystem of digital currency makes it a preferred option among investors. 

All that, along with the quick transactions, low fees, and advanced security, make Litecoin casinos an excellent option for players who want to use a well-rounded gambling platform. 

Dogecoin casinos

When it comes to the quickness of transactions and lower fees, Dogecoin casinos are the king of crypto gambling platforms. 

DOGE might not be among the most stable currencies, but considering its track record in the last two years, it’s one of the best-performing digital currencies. 

Bitcoin Cash casinos 

With Bitcoin Cash casinos, you can choose from the safest crypto platforms in the gaming industry. 

As a BTC spinoff, even the processing time of transactions and the fees are identical, making these platforms a safe and secure option for all gamblers. 

Less popular alternatives

Aside from all the popular crypto casinos we mentioned above, there are many more opportunities you can explore. We will list some of them below: 


Ripple live casino sites are the new and innovative gambling platforms that operate by using the digital coin of Ripple.

XRP crypto payments are processed on the blockchain network after a player sends a transfer from its Ripple wallet. 

Of course! Established gambling regulators license the best Ripple live casino sites, so they are completely safe and secure. 

Ripple online casinos are popular because of their instant transactions and the low fees to players.